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After Twitter and Facebook then following by Amazon and Google blocked President of United States, Donald Trump I were back to my old question about did I really need the social media? Did I keep existing anyway with had social media or not? Had the good and bad things were fair from there? Is the fun real even though obviously fake? Was it wasting time or spending time? Did I aware to unpaid account is not completely unpaid? I had known well that the jargon of “social media is must in this time” was a business propaganda but why I eat it blindly?

I communicate to my son one day that now we need social media you know and again we live in social media time and I heard to enter US’s airport we will be asked our Facebook, so create your Facebook account with your real name soon!

“Don’t forget to create Instagram also… .” I find myself likes bringing him to the ravine therefore he had already said did not need it!

Actually I knew perfectly that I was in need and not need situation but how can I had so many accounts in social media?

I have more many times for my son before I have social media. The quality of sleep is better than and I got ‘the poisons’ of social media entered into my mind more and more. That automatically I must spend some efforts to destroy or ward it off from my mind. Taking care of fake accounts and bad guys from internet that I connected intentionally is an other case. Knowing that so many liar news that I supposedly did not need to know. Frankly, my life is more peaceful and restful before I joined in social media.

I think its have been pouring my attention so much even I just use it for my written. The question is why I keep being there, being in the visible and invisible things.

Someone said that giving like thumb to friends who are showing off their picture, flowers, so on in social media to make my friends be happy and to please me had fun also, but evidently we all say it is normal matter. I mean do not make it a fantastic thing except that to spend your time only. So what does the meaning of giving that likes, comments, and share actually is to make Mr. Boss of Social Media be happy? What?

Or this is a way to actualize ourselves in public but later on a psychologist said the peoples who like to do selfie constantly are trying to resolve their emptiness.

It’s okay, if it’s an effective media to ads our stuffs but how about the billions accounts who never use ads in their whole social media life? I got myself more advance about why the giant tech is not going to bankruptcy; apparently it’s not about how many user post ads but how many the viewer account watching thats ads!

The price of giant tech is based on the population of account and how to sell it, in this case all accounts. How many active, ‘half inactive’ and passive accounts watching the ads! So, I found myself as an active account that pay thats ads but my role to watch that ads! BOOMM! Seem like I to be paid to watch ads but actually I have paid it, in other words that I am to be paid for not receive that payment. It means we are designed to be unpaid members to be objects right?

If we think it deeper that social media is a fantastic marketplace but I never sell my book or sell any food from my online restaurant with general sales-words, if I say “hello everybody please order my book” that it would be heard like for me “hey guys can you purchase my idealism” or “order my food please” will be like “please order my love“. If I ever posted the picture of my book or my foods in there that it was more about my thoughts than selling.

If you say to seeking job I never seek the job anymore.

If social media to find partner.. well I never do it!

To be continued again that social media is the place to campaign politic wills… Yeah, I admit it that ever got benefit from this one and I used to need it very much when as a volunteer of a few election. It probably this country (Indonesia) will be seized by ‘kadrun’ if no social media but waits the minute that social media was very effective for politic was my old perception and now I am thinking all that effectiveness can’t be proved. We just see the number the people giving likes, or even though we can read the text but who does know they are real or fake; this is cannot be a fixed guideline.

Here is the battle of a human being is trying to discharge the ‘slavery’ of social media;

Therefore, my life after social media had given me a new dream. Able to free and detached of social media totally was my old dream, but I was always failed to reach it because I had the reason to defend my main profession ‘passion’ as a writer. Honestly, I had a bit wish in my heart that I write to make people read. Thats why I need to tell the people, “Hey! I am done for a this article, this, this, and that. Please read it soon!”

As you know I believe also that writing is the process to explore my thoughts, to rich my soul and to strengthen my heart. That writing is for myself! Oh my Godness…

I flashback to the long long time story… ; At the moment we move from Jakarta to Temanggung after and no sign to became a writer I have been a writer. A friend I didn’t know that had been touched by my way to introduce my book, her named is Wulan. That all was begun, on the month was September, year was 2011 and at the 23th day a fanpage was created in FB for me. I was so fool in social media even ex Jakarta’s society. Sister Wulan had helped me at the beginning as admin page and then I continue by myself after that.

Sister Wulan said there was a batik seller can get 1 M sales using FB. My primitive survival triggered, It made me to make another account in different platform. Actually I had many accounts of social media until I forgot to close it and may be they were already dying in there.

I become to study my behavior as a ‘victim’ of social media who want being popular, money, and politics (this is as volunteer in some elections). Please try to match my patterns here into yours; First of all there was an euphoria by adding as many friends as possible I could. The social media had blocked me many times. It spending many times taking care of these account over and over. I waste many times for just nonsense. Adding or accept new friends without checking their background anymore. I thought would select them later if I had free time but never been done finally. I disturbed for administration stuffs, sometime must reset password, to make second security, try and try to log in but failed, must check illegal login regularly, check/reply notification, so on so son. Can not imagine how can I handle these four active accounts.

With no budget It takes several times to develop account. Using robot way to make fast, buying fake account, force people to follow, begging for a like, comment; it was not me! I always trying to use simple way.

I saw a fanpage of a failed vise president candidate from Golkar Party getting 100k followers in 2 weeks only. He threw 100 million money for we whom watching his ads but the money transferred to Facebook.

Huhhh ….huh…huh…oh dear …dear….

One more important thing about social media when l was seeking a stuff in FB’s marketplace, yeah it was cozy you can find everything in there by 1 cent rupiah. I ever wanna to eat the water apple fruit we call here “jambu jamaika”, my neighbor ever gave me one piece, well, it’s taste very yummy, then I hunted it in there and got it. FYI: I bought 5 kg at once, the seller must climb his neighbor’s tree to full my order. I ever also want to buy tamarind and palm sugar from Temanggung but were cancel, want to order strawberry from Bandung was cancel also as they asked me must buy 5 kg. Lol, buying strawberry 5 kg for personal consumption.

Huhhh ….huh…huh…oh dear …dear….

My friend, I don’t know maybe I want to make “my dream comes true”. Or maybe its time to liberate myself as an object of social medial. it is uncomfortable in the status yes of no in this needy term that is like a thorn in my armpit. Or I am eager to do it because I still had my personal platform, my website is my freedom.

Well well…

I want to make a point: I didn’t like the big bosses of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, so so arrogant!!! Who are they? They are human being same with us right? If I want to say I am really able to say that from where the ISIS can build the backbone and snaring our so many young generations to jihad if not from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, HAHH! From where the terrorist got knowledge to make boom if not from Youtube, hah! You all have been contributing on that destruction! You all are the sinner the most and most in this planet because that destruction standing on tech feature you built!!! They acted like “A President of Earth Planet, if they can shut President United States up they can do that for this nothing wind.

Huhhh ….huh…huh…oh dear …dear….

I know still had a few connections seeking me in social media and supposedly this talks for them: Thus if you can not find me in the platform where you usually got me then please be sure that am not die, not yet okay; Oh yes yes yes, I remember this, a most case I love much from social media to seeking the dead peoples! I had ever found my friend in FB couple months ago, I remembered him in flash, I was successful to get him in his funeral photo, he passed away 2 years ago.

Ciaoo..bye bye social media.



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