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Radical Left Side


Since Trump we heard as Republican presidential candidates in the 2016 election, bad news about Trump began to spread in my country via mainstream media. The first time I read it in At that time we had just finished the 2014 election which resulted the ghost of “identity politics” carried out by Prabowo and the genk. I will always remember the pain of identity politics, for the patriots can never be forgotten in Indonesia history and it continued by “kadrun” back for Jakarta’s Election 2017.

Kadrun or kadal gurun or lizard desert is our calling for the religious radicals group of Islam or the group who want Indonesia becomes to caliphate state or the group who use identity politic to win

Election in America is sandwiched between two traumas of Indonesia’s “identity politics”. The hoaxes about Trump is Prabowo in America version and is about the identity politics attached to Trump constantly beating into our heads. As a nationalist who is already traumatized by identity politics devoured that ‘news’ immediately without investigating and after all, it is impossible to investigate something without any interest right.

Long story short for 4 years the hoaxes had been swimming in my mind that Trump was lecherous, bad, devil and ‘An American Kadrun’. The bad images of Trump in me were getting stronger and stronger because I prefer a leader who can maintain his marriage while Trump in this case failed regardless of his domestic affairs I don’t need to know.

One day, in an alumni group chat, a friend who was living in America said that he was a Republican. Suddenly I was shocked! how can a religious church person supported Kadrun? He admired Trump is and said Trump really loves his country and American economy in Trump’s hands is growing. Small groups of SMEs are growing also. At that time I was absolutely sure that the majority of the group’s members didn’t like Trump at all and none of us tried to discuss it further. The point is all flabbergasted!

At that time my eyes opened, I was deceived by media!

So I can say now that Indonesians who reject Trump are equal to 55% of Jokowi’s supporter. If we add Malaysian, Pakistani, Bruneian, Singaporean and all country that consumed this hoaxes is so fantastic number and how big rejection they made for Trump. Remember you are in there I am in here but we are doing the ping each other, we ive in one borderless planet, you will got the bad from my bad ping about Trump direct and indirectly soon or later.

In this case, media like, CNN have built up depravity in our mindset for 4 years so perfectly! How can I till be afraid to say something positive about Trump and it took 4 months of consideration as these hoaxed were so strong stucking to my mind.

After the chat incident, roughly America was in the 2020 election campaign, my mind continued to be disturbed for months, as if something kept teasing my heart to find the truth and the time same with voting day was doing I started to search the information every night and I had submitted the results of my investigation in the previous article.

My opinion is actually Trump was trying to hit radical left side ‘America kadrun’ very very seriously since he led USA first time. I directly can guess who is the radical left side if not a group of American fanatic moslem self. So the hoaxes are made to Trump was playing identity politics. This is in line with the slogan of Trump and the Republican “Make America Great Again”. And this is what Jokowi is doing also. So we are mental illness if we support Jokowi but reject Trump for the similar struggle.

The slogan “Make America Great Again” is a hope from almost 50% American who is Republican, is fatigue and very very angry with America’s condition today, America is sick, America is walking to be broken in the Republic’s views because the treats from the growing radicals left side “America Kadrun’.

I saw they are like FPI who getting ‘special maintenance’ from Democrat. It could be these groups joined in to Antifa and BLM organization deliberately. The problem I read are Antifa and BLM. At first they seemed to be criminalizing but the agenda was sharia. A video circulating of demonstrator destroying the Capitol is an Antifa’s member who deliberately infiltrated to pressure Trump out from White House.

Slow for sure America is constantly being rocked to enforce Sharia law. The radical left side joined to the stupid secularists are fighting to nationalists, the nationalists in my opinion are Republicans not Democrats. So this slogan is very relevant for a threat they feel as white natives, the majority of whom are Republicans.

The funny thing is that the hoaxes circulating are not sync, in America Trump has been ridiculed for continuing to say that the election was fraudulent since 2016, while in Indonesia, that Trump is being accused of being fraudulent, this hoax is more to get closer to Prabowo’s and Kadrun’s mentality so that caliphate opponents can hate Trump more and more.

I hope you guys start getting the missing link of “shit” that has been put in your mind for 4 years. There is only one most effective way to stop dirt is blocking them anyway like I did!