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Trump & USA


If you hate Trump I support-him and even-you-keep-to destroy him I keep to defend Trump! My-problem-is inside-my heart; this is what my heart said. Just reconfirm that I can say what my heart said.

I can feel the similar quality of my conscience to Trump and to Jokowi Ahok in 2014 and 2019, Jokowi and Ahok are candid to serve Indonesia. In this context that Trump is more sincere than Biden for me. I can feel it from the light of their eyes.

Should my thought be a paper or not and would be public consumption? It has screwed me for this three months, yes or no, important or not important of this paper, and is it ‘confirmed’ by my heart or still raw but what happening in Capitol Washington DC yesterday had pushed me to make it real!

As writer who is very take care to the issue of the balancing of thinking I bringing up in order that written not become a propaganda tool. My goal is always and always to give the linear feed for our mind upon what I watched not inline ‘crooked’ with my heart, so before I go there my heart must be fixed firstly right.

I do not hesitate the price of calling I must pay. More than 2 months I made a small research to review so many videos from a both side and I did it at every night. It probably I have watched the hundred videos from any background and purpose.

My finale summary of this research that my heart for Trump. Comparing to Biden I defend Trump much much more. Seemingly I can feel there is the hidden agenda of Biden. My conviction reaching highest level for Trump even Congress had certified Biden won election and the most important thing that because of I been in the very huge terrible wave to destroy Trump from media even until this second but my heart stay calm anyway, this written staking my integrity.

Not only in yesterday chaos the media shuts up Trump, all giant social media has been blocking Trump as like FB, Instagram and Twitter. (Red: after this I will check am I still follow Mr. Zuckerberg?). As you know the big media is enemy for Trump. About unfair social media towards Trump and his supporters I knew it also. I mark them that media likes @FoxNews, @CNN, @CBNC, @Aljaeera, @Channel4news or @BBCNews have been getting dishonor reputation from this situation. I found they never publish positive even neutral things about Trump’s group. So that why I am asking who is the investor behind election, who are those getting much benefit from all? Actually, the victory of Biden for the wining of businessmen not his people. So Trump wants to save the America otherwise Biden wants to sell America.

Don’t make that media as reference anymore, any one you know! That so many simple channels ‘media’ are growing vastly in this election period, they are amateur in channel but could touch your heart if your heart is ‘linear’. I believe the report for fraud and its massive! But anyway thats platform live on the giant platform again, guest what next?

It was so tacky how can Linkedin united the CEOs who denounced riot to hit Trump in one brief link. In a famous influencer Linkedin like Melinda Gates accused Trump openly, “I will remember how the attack on the Capitol began: incited by the President of the United States himself.” How can she is lacking knowledge about the people have the personal mind, wish, and idea, have personal problem, and have personal struggling on what they watched and felt of, Trump or the leader is only the way to say it. Why she didn’t want to know the actual root? If she was wrong she had misguided her 5,6 millions followers.

About media in my country Indonesia please throwing away about principle of fairness, balancing and dignity: Not at all! I am grateful to have been able to delete polluting media such as, CNN, especially Republika. I used to like something was missing if not visit in my daily life, now only one time or never in a month. These medias have the role to produce bad image of Trump. Related Indonesian’s media I will make it more detail in another paper, what the behind agenda, what the purpose, any else beside religion?

There is an important thing I want to say from this article that there are only two possibilities for something that comes from “enormous power”, which it comes from heaven or hell; in political election term one is sincere other has hidden agenda. We believe the hidden agenda is real if already happened but only innocent and small people who still maintain their heart properly are able to see this vision. Geez…no time to dig heart for businessmen! Their brains have been defect, not natural anymore.

The logic of the huge support for Biden from the giants platform and billionaires is directly proportional to the incredible support from ‘native’ for Trump and it should terrify us all not just American. America is still a barometer of human rights, even though it been tarnished now. What’s behind agenda? Did all Trump’s supporters conscience get mistaken otherwise Biden’s supporters have lost their logic? How bad Trump in democrat term in USA Trump still gets very very significant votes right, only a slight difference if the data was true, maybe less than 1% in difference. I think Trump’s team is failed in court; is the American’s Court sterile or maybe like my country everything can be ordered in court?

So, such like any rotten smell in my nose, something want to be twisted? That impossible does not have obligation to win Biden for me. It is true or not I think America has lost it’s good name as a democracy role model in this planet. As a foreigner I couldn’t believe Biden could win flawlessly in this like situation.

As if I was in an interview about my opinion as stranger to Biden is president now then I would like to say, “I am scared!” Honestly I am really not comfort for it!

Still any else paper about Trump & America, please waits…