Ability in Shared Duplication

button_1 “A generous people will never feel deficient when his part was given to other, here’s the great thing of love shared. However being a writer requires meaningful figure and model of writers in other the writing was worth consumed by the audience.”

Black Writing
Knowledge of the writing has an outstanding ability to duplicate because directly writings touch on the principal of thinking. Black writing is produced from the dirty mind and soul. We censured the parties issuing the black writing that is misleading and does not educate that deliberately stocked to capture those thoughts blank. Giharu has since decided to be a writer always focus on the goals of giving balancing in the subject matter of thinking, moderate and being a hub for two opposing sides with rich meaning his work.

Metaphor of Writing
A healthy way of thinking needs to be processed by writing has metaphor in order to be able to enter up to the recesses of the heart. Giharu prefers the indirect approach because she thought a meaning that is already digested (direct way) will more quickly exhausted its impacts such like our respect to water will end as soon as we drank. An indirect way will bring up the gentle human side because there is freedom of thinking and the disposition taken. The highest achievement in mind is after going on the counter then find personal disposition. Indirect writing is a part of metaphor and all writing of Giharu characterized metaphor.

How Beautiful in Sharing
This special page showing the fruit of the thought and writings of Giharu which can be accessed free with any limited variety of needs as an individual, group or communities who had good intentions and not for commercial. Please share where you can touch.

The Fruit of Giharus Works

1QuotesThe quotes beyond minds
2The Simple TalksA collection of tips for learning simple life, amazing and musings of all time
3The PoetryA collection of poems with any theme and calling
4The MuseContains longer writing in inspiring stories and a part in blog
5The EssayRefer to writing in wall of Facebook that often she made and then evolves into a more comprehensive essay form
6The VerseGiharu also love to make verse and multi funny sense sentences to melt atmosphere and reaching her goals
7The ReviewThe review her own book nor another books that her focus
8The Suggestion & Critic Contains her inner anxiety, on several points of live practices to her concern in social, politic, environment, gender/women, children, family and any. She gives a solution in her smart critics that is calling
9The Short StoryShort story and some included in blog
10The BiographyAutobiographic from people who stuggled the values of life, locality and other figures in the world
11Fiction & Super FictionHer imagination also reaching in fairy tale, flora, fauna, sage, mystery stories and a part will be make as special book or sometimes she insert as comparative of.
12Magic WordThe strong sentences including a deep meaning about something. Like this sentences much coloring each page in this website
13E-BookIn the future, Giharu's books and work can be accessed more easy and until free by doing e book.

Terms and Condition To Use

  • It is not abused to contemptuous and denouncing the other party and Giharu is not responsible for any losses that occurred one day
  • It is not for the purpose of commercial
  • According to ethics and manners and appreciation of intellectual copyright, anyone who wears the writings of Giharu are required to request permission via email or in the comments field below (the comment column is not available on all pages) and or include the source of the writings of taken
  • For usage that is more spacious as the activities from corporation or institution, please obtain prior permission in writing to Giharu by conveying the intent and purpose of the wearing of writings.