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  • Post Cryfhpy

    Cry For Happiness

    If you want to cry just crying for the happiness because the tears come out from the-deepest-heart is contained the pearls of goodness. In the common sense we call the soul has accepted the freshness. But if you understand also for that human’s tears would …

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  • Post Pem2

    Sophisticating Mind2

    As modern humans who have received more than adequate education and certainly the intellectual capacity of the brain will continue to grow inline so freely information we collected from the ease of technology, accordingly there is sophisticating value by our mind is the most terrible …

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  • Post Pem1

    Sophisticating Mind1

    I just teach my-son about the-self-control where I say in this world everything has the potency eroding the good roots in ourselves. The kind manners I can fight for him are the basic things because he will have his own way of thinking about the …

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  • Post Regl

    It’s Repeatedly

    Especially for me, related to unexpected events but it was happened, I went back into one trivial minor periodesation model as I had written in “Unboxing Self”, but it is a very strong influencer on new commitments forming in my self, which my house assistant …

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  • Post Mak

    Life is Try

    No uncertainty occasion tobe afraid and nothing couldn’t be overcome if we’re able to be friend with mystery. We’re human could try and try only without to assure it. Life will lose it’s spirit Immediately if life could be determined. When in school we try …

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  • Post Disk


    Nothing can be very strong in this life as the over-stringent thing will get resistance. Its definitely! Basically the nature of human wants the freedom. All in our body is always moving, cell is growing, organs are working as well our mind keep changing; these …

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