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  • Post Gentleness

    Tears & Love

    Too many times we have seen the marriages begun and ended in tears. When your love journey is smooth and entering at the aisle of church you cry on because your heart is saturnian. The children you raise painstakingly had graduated from the university, you …

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  • Pos Bdr

    Begun Is Ended

    It-seems like on-the cavity of her chest the breath is pressing against each other, Its like that something too precious had been left all this time. The past begins to walk in her mind, no matter how black and dense it is that its still …

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  • Pos Shape


    Kehidupan ini akan-berakhir pada sebuah bentuk pada akhirnya. Bentuk itu berwujud fisik maupun tidak tetapi itu adalah bentuknya. Mau mempunyai efisiensi tinggi atau tidak tetap itu adalah bentuk. Kematian yang sekalipun ingin dikalahkan lewat kremasi tetap menyisakan suatu bentuk abu. Pada akhirnya kita meninggalkan warisan …

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  • Pos Kepalsuan


    Inilah saatnya diriku mengatakan dari dalam hatiku yang terkecil apa yang kurasa sejak beberapa waktu lalu, cilakanya ituisiku nakal menguliti diriku terus. Dan inilah saat yang paling membanggakan kebebasan bagi mereka yang tidak ingin hidup dalam kepalsuan. Selama kuliah di sebuah perguruan jujur kukatakan pengalaman …

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  • Post Sens

    A Baby’s Habit

    Specially I just think the religion at this time after decades of embracing the religion. Please removing what you’re thinking about I’m doubting my religion!! Understandably, such as I was in fetus winding myself with the umbilical cord in my mother’s belly, I tried to …

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  • Ren In10

    The Stealth Human

    Actually in-this-life, so many unconvinced things in us but we had fixed its in reality. Mostly its were happened because of we did not have much time to process each event by event. The people who oriented at result would use general standard in life. …

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