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  • Post Brah

    Employ The Mouth

    In anywhere don’t bring the error as-strong-as-we can do. How could you still add the darkness while the light can’t be turned on? Only the truly enlightened people is able cleanse the world. The enlightened peoples have high sensitivity, they knew when to withdraw themselves …

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  • Post Writing

    The Soul Lantern

    Before 2017-year will end, I’m Giharu, as writer would like to apologize to my dearly-readers. After I checked my writing back I got many typos also many lost words of sentences and of course will lose the part of whole meaning as a body writing. …

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  • Post Anggun

    Elegance Culminates

    Personal elegance has been started from the mind then flowing as the nature. It’ll be real if supported by characters that resulted from the thought that had grown proportionately and comprehensively. Knowledgeable and has insightful are the keys of graceful attitude. The elegance that be …

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  • Post Tulisan Kosong

    Blank Writing

    Blank writing surely is empty talking but empty talking is not necessarily a writing work. That’s two kind things experiencing a different formation processes, if empty talk only until on the end of lips of the process while blank writing wearing a very shallow minds. …

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  • Post Mrl

    The Author Morals

    Ugh! So fed up! If any author made book about “Tricks Capable Creative Writing Within Two Minutes” or “Being Famous and Rich Author Tips”? What story did you told? Those books are like a cooking recipe of ‘rendang’ without fire; the books ‘split off the …

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  • Post Mltbsr

    Big Mouth Fish

    Your writing is awesome, gentle and the questions come on me how to write. I usually respond to an expression of praise or admiration of the writings or my struggle with the same statement, “I am a lady of mountain.” I always said like that, …

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