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  • New Picture 18

    Backlash To

    Twitter, Facebook, Google dan Amazon membungkam Trump adalah tindakan yang SATOL [SALAH TOTAL] dan BOTOL [BODOH TOTAL]. Platform mereka dalam risiko kehancuran. Setelah tulisan ini turun tinggal hitung waktu, kita tunggu mereka akan baik-baik saja, akan semakin berjaya atau segera bubar. Twitter yang paling berisiko …

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  • Post Pohn

    The Color of Ur Tree

    I’m trying to review my auntie’s family-tree. My auntie was the-youngest-son of 6 siblings in my mom line. She resided until died in Kuala Simpang, Banda Aceh province. She died when I was still in junior high school. With eleven children, she like an owner …

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  • Post Dua

    Two Families

    Religion was the place to release of disorder personality in two families because the husbands were unemployed. One family was Islamic family other was Christian. Religion may be different, but no one is safe in the problem. The problem begins when each husband lost his …

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  • New Picture 14

    Hijab & Pekaes

    The movement of wearing a headscarf does not just appear in casual. Around 1980, the encouragement of female students to wear headscarves increasingly peaked after participating in training held by PII Jakarta, Salman Mosque ITB or other institutions. Veiling is indeed part of the training …

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  • Post Jilb

    Jilbab Controversy

    We need to agree on the general picture, the first principle that applies is we must respect free decision by one’s beliefs, including the decision to wear a headscarf. The first principle giving a consequence; is the second principle that all forms of coercion including …

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  • Post Isl

    Islam In My Eyes

    Just for sharing, I was used schooled in the-public-school from primary until high school. While in primary school, I was a favorite student of my teacher, named Bapak Husin. Bapak Husin and his wife were Muslim, but his wife was not wear jilbab. Of all …

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