Giharu Oh Giharu

button_1 “She dedicates herself for life. The simple element altogether with a complicated component are found in her. When it is hard to recognize Giharu, you might look at Sindoro. She is so tender, but there is a great intensity within bottom heart. And she only wishes that you are able to catch her thoughts and dream which wriggled upon the crater wrapped by the cloud”.

Giharu is a novelist at once an activist to empower small people and nature. She has dedicated her life to serve the universal values totally with the simple way. Writing is the lantern of her soul; being a writer is not profession for Giharu but her passion. According to Giharu’s ideas that her writings are the insistence of her soul that has been illuminated by the lantern.

Giharu lives with her only son in Temanggung, a small district with a beautiful natural scene and fresh air located at the mountainside of twin mountain Sindoro and Sumbing, the male and female mountains. The charm of Mt. Sindoro Sumbing has witched her so much until her mouth was closed. Sitting mutely and feeling as so little creature are the wise way to consider their grandeur.

The simple element altogether with the complicated component are found in her. When it is hard to recognize Giharu, you might look at Sindoro. She is so tender, but there is a great intensity within her bottom heart. And she only wishes that you are able to catch her thoughts and dreams which wriggled upon the crater in wrapped by the cloud”.

Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung

As one of urban people in Jakarta for twenty six years, she was an active business woman, and built up her career and carved the sky while drinking soda and listening to the music. Those force and style of metropolis have really given her a clear horizon of life. It only needs a trigger to step on earth. There is a dream on a bud, there is an expectation on a pistil, and it is the time. It is the moment to hold a new invention followed by the others to go through the beauty of life.


Dream on A Pistil
The dream of the duck family that fell in a muddy field can merely be a fantasy, and yet, it is not for an experience that teaches obedience upon wisdom of nature. Longing for the next cultivating season, letting the nature solves its own problems, then perceiving flowers blooming, harvesting broccoli and corn; it does not need a long time to talk about something which is done with lofty ideals, the spectrum of ideals works in all dimensions. There is always a hope on a pistil.

Woman Wearing A Hood
An important thing becomes unimportant when the invention has been held. Giharu cannot be regarded physically, and it exists in the main idea. Wearing a hood is what modernity has declared. On the slopes and in the middle of the field, Giharu’s head swells and waves between cabbages and cauliflowers. Someday she will go down the mountain and deliver to the civilization about her simple ideal. She may wear a gown and her lovely high heels, and she walks like a mannequin. Ideals is not associated with limited things, costume, and performance. Manner of sitting and eating is merely a sideline.

Nothing is Extraordinary
Giharu tends to apply common ways and she is challenged to do anything just as she can. It is a secret between us(!) Having no time to shower she departs for Jakarta meeting up her contributors. Giharu believes that her book’s spectrum will talk widely since what she delivers through her book is not looking at the sky but spotting the ground looking for a stone of life.

Look at Sindoro Sumbing
Talking about Giharu should be associated with Sindoro Sumbing, looking for her pictures will be in vain. To recognize her means looking at Sindoro Sumbing, because upon their crater her ideals is molded and purified, and on their slopes remains her footsteps of struggle. It will be useless to find a limited physical form in the middle of immortality. Giharu exists because of Sindoro Sumbing.

So Much Love
Accomplishing The Simple Life Trilogy, Sindoro Sumbing seems to be the axis of Giharu’s life, as she wrote. A thrilling scene waits for her to bring about. With her shawl waving she will call out every thirsty wanderer who come to drink. Come comrades of life. There is so much love for you in Sindoro Sumbing.

The Stone is Found
The dream of an “eternal box” which Giharu wishes will soon comes true. It will be on a land with a stone where an arch of Sri and Sadono will be built. The hands of Sri and Sadono will meet each other and form the shape of the arch. And Loro Blonyo will pass through the arch; it represents the unity of male and female—two opposite sides where Giharu will be amongst. She says these all just because the stone has already been found.