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Voices of America


The peoples who did know in the most for the meaning of peaceful are the native inhabitants. The indigenous sing a song of the ballad of life In the top of the mountains, their descendants getting whirligigs in below. They are indeed living without peace anymore but they ever had a story that “peace” once lived.

The stories of seeking peace are scattered on the foot of the Statue of Liberty. It was very emotional wave as it has become the wishful thinking. Please comes back oh my peace, going in to the heart who pursuing the dreams to becoming doctors, bankers, lawyers, businessmen. The revival of peace is their wish! There is a journey of the nation can manage to regain the peace without going through the century?

That frequently that good story wont live anymore until this body unites with the ground. The dreams is already continued by the next generation later on. The native is the marker of story only.

It’ very exhausting being a citizen in a state who are seeking the peace. Who does controls who does determines the peace is iron or gold. That authentic peace can reach one until the bottom heart, that imitation can meet one at the door of chest only. Hey, citizen, this is your fate, is pity!

If one has right but the voice under constitution and now the voice had been muted by giant tech.

At least can only move to another county if the neighborhood system is broken. There is only one way to immediately move to a more peaceful province when peace is truly deprived on it and live is game. The most distant place you can reach is move to another peaceful country.

One has left the country that gave the water and soil. Unachieved dreams in the shoulder. It is hard for shoulder hard for soul. The way is dead-end. The feel of disgusting it became the new peak. Looking for a decent life is all of goals. At once time, that peace is worship forever, not for money, not for a career.

Please spreading everywhere. Migrate to the western country and to the eastern country to seeking the peace. Fill this earth with peace. Freedom is reached peace is received. The days just to taste the peace.

There is god in twenty five years ago, there is technology in twenty-five years present. Time changes, ruler changes. Peace come in to the silence stage. All vying for a breath of peace. Among the beads of live are the natives, they are pinched, pressed, oppressed. What does tech means if the hills and the mountains are also seeking the sense of peace?

The people who came from the darkness couldn’t bring the peace. If one had skill to sew will not accept your cloth. If one the saloon owner will refuse to curl your hair. Or if one is an expert to fly a planes that it is possible will deliberately drop the plane and bringing you to death together in one’s teachings.

In the west in the east, don’t forget there are a south and a north in this earth which probably that place can bury that anger, becomes plain in the cold night and day.

Sometimes the time allows a good leader to overcome but always lacking of time to fix it. The sense of peace has completely disappeared as the freedom has gone. The freedom is a sense of peace itself.

The peace comes from god.
Gives a little peace to comprehensive this soul.



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