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  • Post Plakor

    Not Taker

    His life was empty he said. It was said after I listened his problem that he and his wife almost six months has no intimate relationship. Istrinya telah menolak dirinya. Ia dengan keyakinan penuh katanya istriku sudah mati rasa. Menurutnya ini disebabkan perkawinan mereka telah …

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  • Post Nasb

    Nasib dan Hak

    Ini bukan soal nasib melainkan soal kebahagiaan yang berhak diraih oleh kaum-wanita! Ini juga soal kecerdasan-hidup dalam menentukan sikap yang akan berpengaruh pada masa depan. Bagi seorang wanita, pengenalan diri sendiri ini jauh lebih penting dibandingkan berusaha mendalami kebusukan-kebusukan seorang pria. Wanita pertama-tama harus semakin …

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  • Post by Giharu

    Tortoise Brain Soup

    The world we live is constantly-become old with the variety of problems. The new-issues coming down to leaving the death where that is dead disappeared to leave the new problem. Live-die becoming the source of the problem, like live-die is catastrophe to the world hereafter. …

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  • Blog by Giharu

    The Female Genital

    The anywhere women that had grabbed their dreams and build their life from equal opportunity were devastated seeing the womenfolk in another world still continue to fight to grab their basic rights just because has a different genital. After reading the news on one of …

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  • Post Dms

    Unreal Dementia

    For human development are mutually forgiving, inevitably we have to use medical theory to justify the people “pretend to forget” have dementia illness in order to cool the anger. Pretend to forget have to give back flatiron that borrowed 10 years, pretending to forget should …

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  • Post Sst

    Misguided Subject

    Incidentally, I knew a young guy that published in a largest daily from the beginning. Indeed he developed the tourist destination near Temanggung and certainly from government funds. When I read his profile, there is only one thing that arises in my head, “How could …

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