The Vehicle of Balanced Thinking: A Books Written For One Distinct Way

button_1 “The dream of a Balanced Thinking Vehicle is in respect of renewal culture at ‘The Eternal Box’ on the hillside of Mount Sindoro Sumbing which can be inherited to future generations is an implementation of the simple ideals of Giharu that is a very exhilarating to realized.”

WaBeBe is a master plan of all the Giharu’s thoughts as regards the simple ideals. Concerning how the ideals can be expressed and distributed in life then are adopted as part of the ‘renewal culture’. With accolade for the historical human struggle, understanding of renewal culture is all about the old values that are Jovian of the revived. WaBeBe take the role give rise to the teachings of the ancestors of a nation that had been forgotten with the smart way.

Later, the mains idea in WaBeBe described in a framework of a comprehensive work programme in the Lasting Idealism Project or often called as Community Movement Grew (T-Wish) . The WaBeBe dreams will be realized from all selling of books and Giharu’s books as a pioneer.

T H E – V E H I C L E – O F – B A L A N C E D – T H I N K I N G

“Let’s see what did this country give? How long we have been in Kledung? How long we had been independent? Look at there! Look at here! Look all roads on these slopes! Have dozens of years is still rocky, If it rains very slick. The road is self help constructed, where is Indonesia as homeland? Where the taxes we paid? I am concerned the farmers when carrying a lot of commodities from their far field. “Can the Government feel?” asked Giharu to his son on the night of his son’s return from the United States. He answered with the Eastern-Western thought, “We may not need it anymore, Mom!” A contra-satire; an outrage from people who for so long stifled anguish.”

Through the metaphor Giharu wants to inspire, through the process Giharu likes to pick those up and passing the result Giharu willing to manifest the ideals. A line poem may be to glared the street ballad for about the struggle of Giharu a Lady Between Twin Mountain with his shawl stepping on his way.

Indeed that’s what it is, what has been, is being and will be done by Giharu pursuing the ideals of his “Eternal Box” on the hillside of Mount Sindoro Sumbing through his book. The Simple Life Trilogy novel started everything’s good intentions.

Community Involvement in WaBeBe

Giharu can’t do by herself all, need support from everywhere but the support she needed to be on behalf of the book, of his work nor issued by YPG. Book lover or not are invited to celebrate the simple life by engaging in Giharu’s programs. Some programs below is to provide opportunities for participation of the community in widest.

The two Main Stream of Thought to manifest the good intentions in the WaBebe’s ideals, namely:


Related Community Movement Grow

The mainstream related Community Movement Grow is actually the spirit of WaBeBe’s dream, without WaBeBe then all the struggle being something without identity. All work and effort will just like a commercial chasing or politely as NGO consulting services. Giharu is not a consultant company for his willingness for small communities. WaBeBe must be capable of bewitching then the idealism programs designed could push its role and purpose as below:

  • Community Development. To give the optimal benefit to the small community which is the main goal of WaBeBe
  • Volunteer Involvement. Must be able to be a place of volunteers to be engaged further with the implementation and application of a simple ideals
  • Mutual Support Program. Must be intertwined and supporting between one program with another program so created a sustainable solution
  • Real Solutions. Must be able to produce a solution that has the power to duplicate each other and easily cloned in order for effective of jobs and save the budget
  • Locality Award. Should be based on the local award as high as possible and be careful to keep a program being run should be measurable impact of positive and negative for social structure of society

Related Distribution and Production

Ideals without vehicle/carrier is nothing? Achievement of WaBeBe need of funds, funds related to the selling of the book. The book became a mainstay in the media struggles, therefore the program developed (on the movement and YPG menu above) will and should have the following objectives:

  • Support The Purchase of Book.First and foremost is the support the purchase, a smooth support actually bear to cover all dilemma below
  • Funds Support for Printing. To ensure the smooth running of a very large print costs. How to support can be found in the menu movement/program
  • Sales Support. Make sure the books are already produced or have not had been ordered through a variety of distribution channels available
  • Involvement. To ensure involvement of volunteers with any levels that can provide benefits financial yield to volunteers
  • Integrated Program. Able to support the Movement Community Grow related programs
  • Against Common Way It does not utilize the usual marketing and sales approach that applies the general