Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung
Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung
Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung
Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung
Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung
Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung
Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung
Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung
Post Bing

The Mirage

Honestly, as an active-sosmed-user I was enough made curious if I didn’t want to say was made attached by sosmed. …

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Post Battle

The Old Battle

Ten-years-ago I’ve known the power of online selling like Amazon and five years ago my two friends had suggested me …

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Post Ideal


Oneday a friend asked me did I want-to-accept money from corruption-deeds to fund my project? NOPROB if the program to …

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Post Pem2

Sophisticating Mind2

As modern humans who have received more than adequate education and certainly the intellectual capacity of the brain will continue …

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Post Pem1

Sophisticating Mind1

I just teach my-son about the-self-control where I say in this world everything has the potency eroding the good roots …

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Post Regl

It’s Repeatedly

Especially for me, related to unexpected events but it was happened, I went back into one trivial minor periodesation model …

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New Picture 3

Indonesia Dreams

The-one-question-the-most first today: Is that a ideal way if Pak Jokowi accept the rival in cabinet? If YES, that is …

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Good Intentions

Surat terbuka kepada Najwa Shihab dan Para Sahabat-Media. Dear Mbak Nana, Maaf ya kayaknya sok-akrab-bingiz memanggil Mbak Nana padahal kenal …

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New Picture 1

An Executioner Knife

They are thinking The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is a normal knife to slice the tomato! KPK is like a …

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Post Sens

A Baby’s Habit

Specially I just think the religion at this time after decades of embracing the religion. Please removing what you’re thinking …

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Ren In10

The Stealth Human

Actually in-this-life, so many unconvinced things in us but we had fixed its in reality. Mostly its were happened because …

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Post Prim

Primordial Religion

Perhaps….any of us felt more-safe ‘ok’ if had housemaid in similar ‘one’ faith because any of them never-yet getting experience …

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Post Pohn

The Color of Ur Tree

I’m trying to review my auntie’s family-tree. My auntie was the-youngest-son of 6 siblings in my mom line. She resided …

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Post Dua

Two Families

Religion was the place to release of disorder personality in two families because the husbands were unemployed. One family was …

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New Picture 14

Hijab & Pekaes

The movement of wearing a headscarf does not just appear in casual. Around 1980, the encouragement of female students to …

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New Debut

It’s really fun running the new debut in this food business. As a novelist-chef, frankly, it makes me more excited …

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Post Pisg

Fried Banana

The rains in the dawn, after it was-stopped then the surrounding-air-was-fresh. I make step zestfully with my brother. We let …

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Post Bonk2


The peoples have natural self-disassembly periodicity at birthday moment and the member of family or spouse was dead; we did …

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Post Plakor

Not Hubby Burglar

His-life-was-empty-he-said. It-was-said after I listened to his problem that he and his wife have no sex for six-months more. His …

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Post Nasb

Rights and Destiny

That doesn’t about destiny otherwise about a women’s right to reach happiness! It’s also a matter of life-intelligence in determining …

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Post by Giharu

Tortoise Brain Soup

The world we live is constantly-become old with the variety of problems. The new-issues coming down to leaving the death …

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Post Brah

Employ The Mouth

In anywhere don’t bring the error as-strong-as-we can do. How could you still add the darkness while the light can’t …

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Post Writing

The Soul Lantern

Before 2017-year will end, I’m Giharu, as writer would like to apologize to my dearly-readers. After I checked my writing …

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Post Anggun

Elegance Culminates

Personal elegance has been started from the mind then flowing as the nature. It’ll be real if supported by characters …

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