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button_1 “I just want to give a comment when a passions move so far to the various side of the body or lead to the various body owners while love still in didn’t flow, then when facing the same mirror longer, you’d cuss while pointing forwards, You’re appetite!” and you the second cursing, “You’re lust!” The mirror does not stay silent, it would defend itself, it give you a balanced return. “You are a lust!” said Giharu to her son in the book..”

Dont Say
Don’t tell not being able to support Giharu with the reason I’m a man, I’m a woman, I’m old, I’m still young, I am just house helper, I’m a person who associated with stiffness and I was too busy with economic figures. Because the books of Giharu (YPG) speak to all genders, to all situations and conditions, the present, the past and the future; books speaking of very conscious things about we carry from birth; naturalism ‘the simplicity’.



In addition of all that, and because I don’t like to read and so don’t have the time. Sorry, I can only send a prayer for your success.

Prayer is very good and needed, it continued used to establish lofty dream so those goals getting nor gaps. Prayer can break the stone let alone be done from the heart but support purchase of book make prayers have the opportunity granted more quickly.

How to Support Giharu?
Why Should Support Giharu?

The only way is buy the book and we are apologize if only buy here (via email or go to

  • A Variety of Preferences. For the book lover a growth admirer, please makes the Giharu (YPG)’s book as the favorite readings. For anyone who is looking for a more beautiful life as well as specially the younger generation need Earthbound Life Handbook, book of Giharu (YPG) probably can be its candidate.
  • Reference Library.The book of Giharu (YPG) is very worth owned by parties who want to nourish the mind. It’s time a home, office has a reading room which sterile of targets and target or why not a general store has small library. It does not fit if school, campus, a place where the idealism is most probably growing if can not find the book of Giharu (YPG) together it in there.
  • A Chance of Income. Tada! Its so possible. Haven’t how to start it, follow and review the personal and non personal program. It can be and why not?
  • As A Gift. An uncommitted gift is the book. It feels nothing gift can contra it. Making as customer reward
  • Material of Discussion. An idea of the noble ideals must speak to everywhere, follow The Literature Talks (SSB) Program. Indeed this book belong to Giharu but for it’s goals are should become our struggle together. Literature is very strong give motivation in business if don’t believe it just prove it.
  • Help To Spread. Tells friend, colleague and family. Involved in programs and help broadcast in your media/space. Put the Giharu (YPG)’s book on the strategic area because there is the ideals.
  • A Valuable Lesson. Return to the table of contents, the book gives a lot of spectrum of life’s lessons, including interpersonal relations aspects of life in all dimensions, between I am and oneself, other, environment, nature and the universe.
  • Pelajaran berharga. Kembali lagi ke isi, spektrum buku memberi banyak pelajaran hidup, mencakup aspek kehidupan relasi interpersonal dalam semua dimensi, antara aku dengan diriku, mereka, lingkungan, alam dan semesta.
  • Support Nationalism and Localities. Books of Giharu (YPG) always deliberately expose the beauty of locality. About Indonesia’s wild and irregular as a tribute to simplicity, passing the natural panorama, through its cultural art, attributes and the dilemma of urban-village’s human characters. Giharu could write about the gentiles locality one day but all of point is to balance.
  • Environment Firmament Perspective. All of you are invited to respect the environment. Books a lot of describing and deliver highly relevant alibi in reason to protect and let nature in its structure.