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  • Post Voa 1

    Voices of America

    The peoples who did know in the most for the meaning of peaceful are the native inhabitants. The indigenous sing a song of the ballad of life In the top of the mountains, their descendants getting whirligigs in below. They are indeed living without peace …

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  • New Picture 3

    Indonesia Dreams

    The-one-question-the-most first today: Is that a ideal way if Pak Jokowi accept the rival in cabinet? If YES, that is ideal but is it effective to solve the national issues? My answer is “not ideal” then it isn’t effective of course also for political, strategical, …

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    Good Intentions

    Surat terbuka kepada Najwa Shihab dan Para Sahabat-Media. Dear Mbak Nana, Maaf ya kayaknya sok-akrab-bingiz memanggil Mbak Nana padahal kenal aja ga. Kalau begitu perkenalkan, daku ini namanya Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung. Ada yang suka iseng panggil aku Si Gunung. Aku ini seorang penulis yang …

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  • New Picture 1

    An Executioner Knife

    They are thinking The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is a normal knife to slice the tomato! KPK is like a knife of an executioner is so very powerful where it probably can be used by the parties who want to destroy the politician enemies. It …

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  • Post Jkwdimana

    Embraces Ahok

    Where is Jokowi? That question always haunts Ahok’s supporters. Jokowi was silent as the insistence of 212 when Ahok used to be jailed after Ahok was free Jokowi was still silent also as of the influence of those around Jokowi who be afraid of their …

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  • Post Moralahok

    Ahok’s Morals

    We used very respected to Ahok because the truth he bringing, so we’re called in-his-struggle. The million people raised, united and did mutual cooperation encouraging change. The old hopes of the sons of soil were brought up successfully by Ahok and unwittingly the shoots grew …

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