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  • Post Jkwdimana

    Embraces Ahok

    Where is Jokowi? That question always haunts Ahok’s supporters. Jokowi was silent as the insistence of 212 when Ahok used to be jailed after Ahok was free Jokowi was still silent also as of the influence of those around Jokowi who be afraid of their …

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  • Post Moralahok

    Ahok’s Morals

    We used very respected to Ahok because the truth he bringing, so we’re called in-his-struggle. The million people raised, united and did mutual cooperation encouraging change. The old hopes of the sons of soil were brought up successfully by Ahok and unwittingly the shoots grew …

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  • Post Ahok Bebas

    Reunite BTP & Vero

    #BTPReunitedAbstentionsZero. I convince abstentions would be up as if Ahok got married again, had converted religion or not and with anyone he married. If Ahok moved religion abstentions will be double up more. Ahok, that’s indeed your destiny as a prop of nation’s hope. May …

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  • Post Wajh

    My Political Will

    Get so tired of seeing Indonesian politics. Definitely, there is desperate in our-mind if we only focus on the public space to be controlled by sick people. Then the uproar has been exposing us. Oh, my lovely Indonesia, pity my Indonesia … The trouble maker …

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  • Post Plgo

    Still Confuse?

    To-do-point, I am sure many people will agree with my opinion that potency of fraudulence in Prabohong group is so horrible than Jokowi’s group. Getting awful also means getting worrying. As personally, I say it is pretty dangerous. Everyone already knows the answer why and …

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  • Post Mons

    Head of Satan

    Jokowi is a person who bring goodness for Indonesia, Prabohong is who bring the destruction for Indonesia. Prabohong, SU and hoax coalition making him being a ‘cardboard general’. Our suspicions always lead to one person named Prabowo in any commotion occurs, proven bump face in …

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