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  • Post Bing

    The Mirage

    Honestly, as an active-sosmed-user I was enough made curious if I didn’t want to say was made attached by sosmed. It probably no particular goal at the beginning and didn’t know how it worked that my head is like automatically moved to the core of …

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  • Post Battle

    The Old Battle

    Ten-years-ago I’ve known the power of online selling like Amazon and five years ago my two friends had suggested me to sell my book via Kindle. I didn’t know what kind the worm was entering my soul at that time, because it was illogical the …

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  • Post Ideal


    Oneday a friend asked me did I want-to-accept money from corruption-deeds to fund my project? NOPROB if the program to produce Pil PCC or developing brothel. What was different I and they I answered him. If for finance the duck husbandry program would I he …

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  • Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung

    Till To Bhutan

    Till to Bhutan also. This Sobobanyu’s struggle is really pretty amazing, bringing anyone wishing to fly together to penetrate the limits of imagination. Geographical boundaries was really just rhetoric. If just removing the hands from the window to reach the beauty too incapable you do …

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  • Post by Giharu

    The Manner

    Finally, the public is step by step has been knowing what we’re doing but the most important and principal thing is the public start gets the right message and proper about the manner we use to achieve the goal. We encourage appreciation of the simple …

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  • Post by Giharu

    The Braces

    It’s time to inform the somewhat sensitive things. The farmer whom we are siding as long and maybe after you knew which it could be able the inflict another excesses of your involvement then it has become the responsibility of each. Even you cancel the …

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