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    New Debut

    It’s really fun running the new debut in this food business. As a novelist-chef, frankly, it makes me more excited in writing and in my daily life with my best friend Maryah Ulfa. I can feel it; because of my brain keeps thinking my energy …

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    Fried Banana

    The rains in the dawn, after it was-stopped then the surrounding-air-was-fresh. I make step zestfully with my brother. We let the closed umbrella we held to piloted us on the street. We were heading to a place in the main road. A stall where the …

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  • Post Bonk2


    The peoples have natural self-disassembly periodicity at birthday moment and the member of family or spouse was dead; we did not expect it but thats fixed occasions. That occasions we do not wish but its are happened like when commemorated or attended to funeral home, …

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  • Post Bonk


    Imagines each-of-us is like a container. Its always filled burden when come and gone. Have a container never be unloaded after arrived at a destination? But why the human forgot to disassemble at self until the destination ended. Why the people do not give concern …

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    Head on Foot

    Never following someone because of the “attribute” attached to him/her otherwise for “what” you need is in him/her; it would make you free from the trap of psychological number. Do we realize that we, each of us as like the crazy numbers generation are transmitting …

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    He Had Been Free

    I had ever thought if I-have-no social-media account what’s happening in myself? Hummmm, am crazing too, I had ever told my friend my world such stop when my FB was down. Technology has ensnared me. Finally, I have to say to you as it is, …

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