The Story of Petaru Downs His Life

Petaru like a turtle baby who struggles hard dive, bet reaches the ocean. The stakes of suffocation or preyed upon. The most egregious predators are humans. The struggle of the turtle baby ‘A Petaru’ has been giving important lesson about the pursuit of a life that corresponds to the corridors of the universe. A moment out of his comfort zone the protection of egg shells, and immediately to the sea in order to achieve the maximum potential of his life. Build equilibrium of oceans and sea biodiversity is his corridor of life. It would be somber if there is no more sea turtles that maneuver in it’s wave then so too will the world will be darkness if there are no more Petaru (Bettors) of life committed to fight for the ideals of the universe.

Petaru In The Context of The Ideals
Petaru or The Supporter of Giharu’s Ideals is a program that is built by Giharu to support simple goals with expanding distribution network of books produced by YPG through the willpower of volunteers. Because the organ of YPG is movement then the network of volunteers became a mainstay in struggling the simple ideals is ours together.

Petaru encouraging a simple distribution system that relies on the power of the heart. Combining the expansion of ‘reading space’ for the books give food on the mind with the selling (optional). The growing point begun of vibrant reading from individual that developed into a family, neighborhood, community or an institution.

Begin To Enjoy Thrilling Elements
The income produced with struggling the value is true much larger but so many people don’t dare to take it because there is an element of uncertainty whereas it can be calculated easily. The network formed and will continue to multiplied is the potency that was never predicted. Adding the excitement of readiness in Petaru or group then the earning very abundant. The joy is now an expensive items and it is the cost to get it.

Please ready enter into thrilling elements as The Petaru.

Live For The Future
The story of a volunteer of Giharu who combined Giharu’s book with his risoles in one stall has inspired Giharu to build Petaru. Involving volunteers give an abundance of excitement for anyone than usual way that stiff and boring. Don’t believe that promotional way in the market faster even the acceleration is not the purpose of the developing of simple ideals.

For the short term may be program Petaru impressed slow but not for the long term.

Against The Dogma
Giharu challenged in rebuilding the old values that already wear off and against the chasing of modern economic concept that is too blitzing the lust with physical things. The money was made head and the basis for the move. Money is always the excuse for doing something. Through the Petaru needs to be convinced that the pursuit of material things is not allowed as a carrier but should be considered a tool. If the material is a tool then struggle value into the results. The thinking behind this is to give relief and new hope to those who pursue the living light, heart at peace but the money continues to awarded.

It is important that you note before joining the Petaru especially for individual participants. The book and the whole dimension of the struggle and the message behind the book must first manned Petaru before promoting it to others. It is also done by Giharu with conquering her fears first before inviting others to find themselves. Petaru probably won’t utilize the ways that yammer for penetration into the public because the selling is not about the product but the ideals and struggles. It was all for the sake of the life in accordance with the corridor of universe.

The Horizontal of Battle By Vertical Manner
Petaru gives an understanding that competition does not conduct in pursuit of a beautiful life. The lust to master and become the greatest is not very suitable. Petaru is not a MLM or shadow distributor in general marketing system in the public. Petaru, it is a true network of volunteers who are moved by the power of the heart to endorse life more meaningful. Platform of Petaru is common value in respect of the purpose of life.

Petaru program not being against the horizontally toward the publisher or any bookstores!

Reading Space Home, Neighborhood, Community and Institutions-Based
The final goal of this program is the Petaru could gradually become a distribution network that integrates development reading space based on the situation and condition of each Petaru. If The Petaru is an individual then later home or yard can be a reading space and all become a distribution chain, as well as a hotel, salon, cafe or intentional community formed with wooden train wear, so the purpose of the ideals of the GSI (Indonesia Literature Movement) to free knowledge can increasingly widely done.

Please click GSI for further information.

Meaning and Sign of Logo Petaru

  • Grey: Epitomizes the basic purpose of the simple ideals is balancing
  • Small Turtle: Represents the struggle of Petaru to reach his corridor
  • Keyword: “Live in Accordance of Humanity’s Corridor”

The Goal of Petaru
The great Petaru’s vision is supporting GSI to deliver knowledge as free by giving added value to the volunteer, so that all the work done leading up to it, specifically its purpose is:

  • Distribution Supporting. Support distribution of books so can be reached by public easily
  • The Humanist Distribution Model. Developing a humanist network distribution system by value struggling approach
  • The Synergy of Reading Space. In long term will encourage more access of reading space

Benefit As Petaru

  • Celebration of Live. Engaged in celebration of value and common ideals
  • Engagement in Others Project. Petaru can have a link with social projects of YPG
  • Finansial. Has a chance of return or the promotional mix. May be financial gain is not a goal but if pursued it will generate revenue because of available the spread of margin pretty big.

How To Engage
Please study the terms and condition to become as Petaru with click small box “Guidance” above.