Reading of Giharu’s Book

“Reading Giharu’s book like going to the mountains of the mind. Find a widespread valley, ramps road, and then swooping, sharp turns, steep and rocky and at the last looking at the savannah again, but it takes patience to find it. These are all about the exploration of the mind of the reader not the author.”

This page is created without the intention of tarnishing the confidence that readers can find the dedication of the liberation of knowledge by personally in the book. Books if its ready want to talk its will come on the best time of reader. Some books of Giharu like Simple Life Trilogy is indeed quite thick and offered simultaneously three books all without separately, because there was a message behind the books.

The purpose and intent of this page is made are as follows:

  • Give a sight to the readers candidate in order to have compelling reasons when deciding on buying a book Giharu and YPG
  • Motivate parties who’ve bought the books in order to start reading and willing to finish it
  • As a moral responsibility for the excesses of social struggle through book promotions
  • As the Giharu commitment to provide support to all those who have purchased the book
  • As resistance to the icon of THE BEST SELLER which is misleading



  • Stuck on THE BEST SELLER. The book was already become a business and ‘hidden agenda’ by the author and book stores or publishers. The passion of getting the profit bigger than the ideas within the book and don’t be surprised if it sold 10 books only will categorized in “THE BEST SELLER” book. Who can guarantee with books that bad seller don’t get the same approaching? The icon and sticker of THE BEST SELLER used to’ trap’ buyers. The unfair practices like this longstanding and lots of readers do not know. YPG’s books don’t need icons of THE BEST SELLER because according to YPG THE BEST SELLER only will binding the naturally spirit.
  • Social Intentions. Support the social projects is very noble but please to first study before ordering the book

How To Get Save Price
Giharu understand that not all parties can easily buy his book while writing a message in the book in order to be able to speak widely to village and mountain. Some recommendations for getting more efficient price is:

  • Buy before released, will get additional discount for promotion program
  • Buy with friend or package , more save the price and shipping cost
  • Join Pelipur’s Program, will get special discount of Pelipur’s Program /li>


When childhood we taught spelling out ABC, after good at reading and can think reasonable we select the proper readings but for Giharu reading also need to accept some things below:

  • Don’t get moldy. Many experience the books purchased with enthusiasm but not read because of various reasons and before get moldy, Giharu personally encourage parties who’ve bought from YPG can be passionate to read or donated to the other party. In the future, would indeed make in e-book to address this issue.
  • Need sacrifice sincere. Books that nourishes mind it takes sacrifice, time, finance and the process of digesting the language especially if the book contrary to the reader’s preferences. According to Giharu when reading was not so necessary to explore the contents of the author’s mind but recognize of our own mind.
  • Should at the right time . Reading the book is actually reading the mind of readers own. Books that became the preferences we may more quickly accepted however that can be expressed here is don’t be too quick to rate a book’s bad because we are maybe not ready condition
  • Do not push the self . Read the book let alone literature need not have to be finished in instantly. Just follow its rhythm and do not need to push yourself
  • Set the objectives. If the purpose of reading is to fill empty time yeah just do it with happ but if reading because there is a touch then the reading will be an exciting adventure
  • Reading is art. Writing takes a sense of art as well as reading. Dynamics of reading that is part of the art of living
  • Need patience. Reading need patience let alone books of literature and all of this depends on the goals and expectations of readers against a reading

Liberating Knowledge
The hobby of collecting books is very good and probably the same mentality with the hobby of collecting the historical items but books still more knowledgeable and without limits. Giharu always invites us to start liberating the knowledge. If you think you Giharu and YPG’s helpful books then share to the others and start collecting books with motivating the self to do things that are either taught by the book.

Related Article of Reading
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All the books will get guaranty as noted below:

  • The contents of the book does not correspond to the expectations of the reader, will get 100% refund warranty
  • The physical of the books received in damaged, defective condition or there is a page missing and overlapping, will get replacement of book for new one
  • For claim please send email to or contact us at 0293 493 877 and +62 817 0707 857.


We many thank to public who help the eradication of piracy of books and for reporting with accurate data we will exchange with our original book as an expression of thanks. For complaints please send email to or contact us at 0293 493 877 and +62 817 0707 857.