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  • New Picture 18

    Backlash To

    Twitter, Facebook, Google dan Amazon membungkam Trump adalah tindakan yang SATOL [SALAH TOTAL] dan BOTOL [BODOH TOTAL]. Platform mereka dalam risiko kehancuran. Setelah tulisan ini turun tinggal hitung waktu, kita tunggu mereka akan baik-baik saja, akan semakin berjaya atau segera bubar. Twitter yang paling berisiko …

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  • Post Voa 1

    Voices of America

    The peoples who did know in the most for the meaning of peaceful are the native inhabitants. The indigenous sing a song of the ballad of life In the top of the mountains, their descendants getting whirligigs in below. They are indeed living without peace …

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  • New Picture 16

    Delete Account!

    After Twitter and Facebook then following by Amazon and Google blocked President of United States, Donald Trump I were back to my old question about did I really need the social media? Did I keep existing anyway with had social media or not? Had the …

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  • New Picture 13

    Radical Left Side

    Since Trump we heard as Republican presidential candidates in the 2016 election, bad news about Trump began to spread in my country via mainstream media. The first time I read it in At that time we had just finished the 2014 election which resulted …

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  • New Picture 11

    Trump & USA

    If you hate Trump I support-him and even-you-keep-to destroy him I keep to defend Trump! My-problem-is inside-my heart; this is what my heart said. Just reconfirm that I can say what my heart said. I can feel the similar quality of my conscience to Trump …

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