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Has No Balls


The people never stop to use a rowdy ‘noisy’ science to reaching leaps to get the public attention. Some times ago, the artists often used the method of pretending to be maligned with his nude photos, later on an experts of telematics who has mustache usually heading to defend that guys. I had clarified it’s a hoax said expert! All of a sudden, artists got ads contract. Truly, they only got order fortuitously because the society was still very ‘boxes’ and deliberate be educated constantly by very much lively gossip newspaper at that time. The company trapped in artificial dynamic, don’t say the market can sustain within 1 years event 3 months. Weather the ads still in our head? As if yes, but it probably you had never bought or consume it.

Role models can be discovered and duplicated continuously with any creations such as trying to make kembang goyang ‘flower shaking cookies’. The idea was to perish, the opposite of remarkable because they did it for one time only. Branding snack with underwear, coffee packaging with the name of woman who was a suspect of the murder, the romance of mutual understanding issue was also sold out as lately we read in the media and finally no regrets. As I recall, it’s been three men who have rather belly wearing technique sacrificial lover. She was beaten to puffy face, and then make story again a diamond ring, yeah! there was also accused impregnate her.

They thought thats idea was so cool. They were satisfied without doing a survey of what people thinking of them. As soon as they were famous in their version, quickly burned to the ground like gasoline octane ’60’, engine died before started. Maybe they really need to be like “The Emperor Has No Balls”, like nude puppet of Donald Trump so it can be closed with sorry said to normalize the situation, whereas we already known the emperor without balls was nothing.

None of their good thing in our mind. They knew this was can not build the image for long-term but why they still did it? In the science of psychology, we learn that there is a pain in human soul, needy person to be tortured or fancy the uproar to get the space of recognition without care it’s quality and who stood to give confessional. Indeed they worship Satan because only want to live for one day for tomorrow die, so on. The dead never truly die and life never really alive.

If I could only remember bikini, do you think I will eat more the snack even though there is a clarification from expert of consumers later? I do not eat only one piece thus if its had MSG! He should build the factory to sell healthy food, courageous to eating 100 packs warranty with no lips exploding, drinking 10 cups of coffee does not heartbreak. It really will be cool! Pregnant before marriage? Bah!! Macam pulak ‘how can be’ like Batak said, apa pulak ‘what again’ the artisan who like having affair, big face, and Donald Trump without balls how amang tua ‘old man’ could be? It might be able to build popularity for bad image. His bad fate similar like dirty, no good and messy and ‘ll destroy because it didn’t fit the organic character of human.

Hey fella, takes a look at Balige, Samosir and Tomok! Take a bit step backward. Seeing the behavior that will always be remembered lifelong. How the persevere in trouble without looking crazy about pseudo fame through interpret life itself to the inang ‘mother’s Batak’ with Patandok ‘bamboo bag for’ rice in head, the girls wore Sortali ‘Batak’s headband’ dancing beautiful “the Nine Bowls” at Carnival Celebrations of independence Toba Lake. They were in there because they keep going to execute it until they called a ‘professional of life’. Rowdy behavior that you sow is not a heritage but a civilization waste.

Nude statue of Donald Trump may be the climax of the abhorrence of communities with rowdy behavior and hatred said that made by people who had already lost a hope of making life better which it should be continuously carried out by humans.

If you’re blaming psychological disease kindly get well with knowledge and continuous exercise before you rush a declaration of something for just to get spat upon unless your disease was severe. If you’re looking for recognition; I was the first person you can count for a poor compassion sincerely over your advance marketing efforts.



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