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Specially I just think the religion at this time after decades of embracing the religion. Please removing what you’re thinking about I’m doubting my religion!! Understandably, such as I was in fetus winding myself with the umbilical cord in my mother’s belly, I tried to escape from it after twisted; maybe this is my hobby of thinking for something that is important or not it doesn’t matter. Usually, tangling will happen in my head. BUT, amazingly, I always find a brighter way out; that’s my character in writing; it is the journey of processing my mind to reach the soul understanding.

About my religion; whether is related to my loyal nature to the choices taken or to my faith is strong; that’s not about I want to discuss it. What I felt always longed and be thirsty to meet the holy dimension and I got the way through my religion. I think as a person who believed there is a power behind this life or just saying as a person who has a religion would experience “not I look for God”otherwise “God called me.” If you have fate to run into calling your heart was touched.

These spiritual touchings have contributed to the formation of a soul that is more mature in me and help me to maintain the sensitivity of the conscience in fair enough condition to this day. However I’m also sure, even I didn’t embrace religion would be Giharu who struggle for conscience.

In my religion, there are so many facilities to enrich the spirit. The character of all assistance and environment would be used by the follower to get closer to the Divine. Some other religions also have such faith, but religions based on black-white theologies, especially religions pursue purification of teachings will eliminate the interference of creativity, culture or philosophy in faith building; it was being considered idolatrous in fact!

When we are increasingly close to divinity, I think we are also easier to grasp the sacred dimension from another denominator of religion. So it’s not surprising when our souls could be calm hearing prayer chants or spiritual songs from other religions or beliefs. We do not need to understand the language because all the beauty of spirituality has the same heavenly frequency and our soul easily recognize it. As my experiences; I can easily enjoy the azan or songs of Buddhists from the Tibetan version to Japanese Buddhism, a belief from India or thus from Indian tribes. I sometimes deliberately search other forms of spirituality from various groups in the world including also from ancient tribes in Africa.

What makes me wonder is how come there are religious people could rampage and burn the house of worship because they only hearing heavenly chants from other religion. I think this is the time for us to reflect on whether it’s truly the religion we professed can rescue a thug or instead of our religion is outsmarted by a thug.

Humans will not lose sensitivity if they still listen to what the sensor said. Sensitivity depends on the quality of the sensor. Having sensitivity is having the ability to feel or quantify something is true or not. Option A is good option B is not then doing the good things and don’t do the bad things. A sensor is something that builds a sensitivity system inside a control device in the warnings form—cogenital device.

There is no thermometer can detect the temperature correctly if the sensitivity of mercury has been damaged? A sophisticated control device is useless if the sensitivity of it is weak. A thermometer is expensive because of mercury inside it.

If we bring it into the context of religion as a control device for a human with all teachings aspects and prohibitions, so the conscience is that’s sensor system! Strictly following a religion is able to build proportional sensitivity of conscience is debatable. So if the teachings of your religion did not make you a more virtuous human being, maybe it’s time for you to review something is wrong in teachings of the religion or an error happened in your perception teaching of religion.

Formerly ancient humans killed each other fighting for resources after religion came into modern world we got religious people slaughtering pigs and dogs on the orders of religion then and now in the technology century is the most terrible that religious people called God while slitting people’s necks.

A mercury-free thermometer will not be useful as well as a religion without a conscience is a waste. In the end, the humans and all the contents of this earth are mere, religion will be destroyed but God will always be eternal.

Religion without the sensitivity of conscience will restore animalistic human. This is the paradox of religion; religion was created to solve human problems and make people better otherwise religion has created problems to humans; I think this is one of the reasons why the agnostic movement was born.

The benchmark of religion is good or not when it runs into a shared life. It’s teaching would get testing more in a more plural society, whether can answer the challenges of the times? In case religion to saving people from depravity so what is the meaning of giving salt to the oceans? Hence the groups who fighting for purification of religion will never be able to live side by side in a pluralistic society because they have lost the sensitivity of conscience. They were shortsighted peoples who lost from life’s competition and been religious by ‘accident’. They understand religion according to the conditions of their minds; possibly it’s true that religion was not able to make them more humane.

Conscience becomes the basis of our humanity defense after human embraced religion. The human is more violent in religion is more necessary to strengthen humanitarian base by continuing to ignite a conscience.

A paradoxical religion is situated to a consequence of never dies conscience. The conscience is proof of humanity was born firstly before religion—conscience as the source of the oldest teachings of all teachings in our civilization and even the purest. The human conscience comes from God directly. The scriptures besides containing revelations, orders or stories of figures, teachings and it’s prohibitions which are often called their births through the mystical path of God; certainly that are teachings about conscience. Instead has a mystical God so that the conscience getting clarification in the scriptures.

In that case, it means conscience is more important than a command of religion. I think the teaching of religion was wrong or the person’s understanding was incorrect if there are commands of religion conflict with conscience

I want to challenge Karl Max’s idea whether the presence of religion bringing a problem for humans is right; does it justify Karl Max’s thoughts that religion is unable to solve human problems if facing the increasingly chaotic world. Where is the relevance of religion in the human character development if it can also be done without going through religion? Do you agree there are indeed peoples who not following religion are good from the beginning?

However, following a religion is following the sanctified figure in the religion. Loyalty is needed to be able to follow the holy figure; as fastly “the loyalty” was could be what was called the faith in religions. When religion says being a good person is not enough if not followed the footsteps of the holy character in religion; it can be perceived that is religion way shaping followers by building the faith; however religion needs the followers to exist.

I prefer heading to peoples who are good even though no have religion they will be the good person unless they need a ‘holy character’ to guide their spiritual side to get closer to divinity; they need religion!

That’s the point the religion is correlated and not towards the sensitivity of conscience. The sensitivity of conscience does not work well like the conscience is getting cirrhosis. It hardens and become ignorant. The sensitivity of the conscience will weaken even be off altogether if it was violated intentionally and ignored continuously, like defective mercury as exposed under sunlight every day.

Therefore, it perhaps right that religion has the potency to turn off the sensitivity of one’s conscience (?)



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