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The last, the public was very impressed with the opening of branch office from the world’s largest social media company in Jakarta, all the national media took cover. I also hunt about the news and get excited. Once time, my social media account got trouble and by a phone number in their site, I am looking for help, instead of imagining how big office with a fasted handling problem, the help desk section is not available and more surprised that office manned only two salespeople said operator from sharing office network.

Rocket Way
One day, I was meting with a journalist from television media found my book at one of the recipient donor store, the journalist asking me when the book going to the launching because he want to cover my book. There is no launching answered me, only have a closing.

I don’t use ‘the rocket standard-style’ to build a awesome while will do an introducing for books, the website and or the ideas. No term of launching in my dictionary, nor either of soft launching or grand launching. The term of closing may can be used as a reference for the work planned that has been done well, so the universe did not accuse very outrageous I have abandoned the passion and intelligence of human.

Realize the launching event that be done is often horrendously than its organic idea, I think this is a product of old thinking that is not aligned with the pursuit of simple ideals. It has been very boring, because we already know the finally story; everything will be back as it was before. This concept of launching also used by artists whose lost the prestige, they try to make a ‘hoax news’ that only they and management knew then fire in media. They will likely persist for some time on the ladder of fame but will be back drooping limp then making new hoax again.

Persist of
To build an idea or notion persists is only keep by doing and rejoice over it without pay attention about that’s result. The concept of “all have a limit” always guide me such do not want be in the anticlimactic-climax momentum from the something I built, in this case the penetration of my book on the market or work behind book. Extend a second eternity of my book ‘my idea ~ my entity’ seems to proclaim the son of world is not helter-skelter accept the limitations.

So, if he or you ask me again, when I will launch book? Be sure that the book already has been circulating in public, so that question becomes irrelevant.



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