Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2016’

  • Post Kapok

    Diversity Gives Up-3

    Some children influenced by a mother were ‘not racist’ some another children affected by a father were ‘racist’. The racist has been happening on this Earth is the proverb of incapable of democracy uncultivated firstly by the parents within the family which was worsened by …

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  • Post Sara

    Racist in Diverisity-2

    The embryo of diversity is not like rocket science. Must be conceived more than nine months in terms as behavior and even in decades it is not yet able to give birth an award trans-nations. Because diversity was first assessed from the color of the …

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  • Post Polos

    Innocent Diversity-1

    The most heavy struggle of an adult human is preserve innocent nature with mind continues to evolve in the increasingly immoral world. The children’s innocence in the soul has sprung up is always needed throughout human history. A lot of ‘product’ goodness going on non-stop …

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