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Diversity Gives Up-3


Some children influenced by a mother were ‘not racist’ some another children affected by a father were ‘racist’. The racist has been happening on this Earth is the proverb of incapable of democracy uncultivated firstly by the parents within the family which was worsened by the environment that shapes them.

In my family, we naturally learned by viewing our mother struggle innocence. How our mothers appreciated this life was a form of his honor towards diversity. A cockroach that made her very upset it will not grow his killer, human has an assassins character at least in his heart. My mum did try to do a good things to anybody even to those who ever hurt her. My mother was not a Buddhist, just as other Chinese people, in the tradition my mother embraced Kong Hu Chu, later became a Christian. I think, whatever his religion did not has correlation with his life’s philosophy, this is related his innocence! She saw others people were similar with herself.

Innocence will ultimately ease ourselves to receive the universal concept—the larger goal—respect for life itself.

While my mother like that my father like this… My father is pretty racist concerning indigenous people. Own nation (Chinese) better than them he said when saw the depravity case. His hatred of the natives was more due to the unfair experiences he received at old order. The nature of his racist has been transformed into the marrow filler in his bones. Old order hurt him but all the time he was hurt.

Then we are, their children became… The brother number third, I thought he was not mostly innocent so he mostly gave up when what he done the goodness did not result what he expected. With his sibling only, he was less care and how he could do better to other? He was a great businessman, his knowledge of how to play the power of money in his life has been eating his childhood innocence till it’s roots. He forgot the suffering ever bind us so strongly to care for one another. He had lost his innocence after developing a 100% reality. My father’s way of thinking flew into him totally. He did believe all men are the same but what does it mean to believe it if can not accept it? When faced with a choice, the nature of his racist be the source of assessment.

My sister ‘the fourth’, JJ, still being consistent. Buddhist teachings into his security fence but his innocence which makes it back to believe in others though once quite often lied by innocence. My mother’s philosophy influenced his life much, moreover they had a same Zodiac Horse.

My brother of eldest, had a unique story about the correlation of diversity award with his innocence. I’m sure, with all the considerations that have already done, so on one day, an unknown person from out of town came (non-Chinese) to his house for a help. My brother gave a lodging and treated him well but after a morning, my brother woke up while sputtered, “How diversity was very wild and dangerous to my domestic affairs!” His guests had gone and brought some stuffs from his house. Did my brother give up? It was difficult for him if not doing a good things for the people because his duties as the priest, because before this incident, 20 years ago, an old friend who was already well known, a Chinese people of course borrowed his car and the car never returned until this second!

A few years ago, when I asked when the car will be returned, answered my brother never mind the car the man alone disappeared. Forget about the past was that the meaning of his sentence. The climax an appreciation for diversity will never give up.

There are no guarantee for anything that has gotten good predicate and otherwise cannot punish one group because of one individual. Humans in order to survive, really likes categorizing an issue and an event for identification at the beginning. Identification then spreading out and become a “brand”. Brand of crafty group, the group who likes to borrow but doesn’t like return it back, a group of thieves or the artisan mating group. Every nation has indeed inherited the phenotype and genotype nature of the his ancestor but the environmental factors that will give birth to new individual.

Give up is a very natural shock reaction of human from urgency in a situation but give up shall not stop the kindness. Because the forming material of human is a virtue when heart’s initiation comes to help, people such like in a choice of be eaten mother dies not be eaten father dies dilemma, however after following the heart it turns instead be fooled, then we were in shock so easy: give up. The give up must may to turn on only the sensor of vigilance because of the greater generosity increasingly fragile alertness.

If ever to occur, as refugees who have been well received but turned out to be among those infiltrated ISIS, the world will not stop giving goodness until whenever. Thousands of evil actions will bear perhaps hundreds or possibly tens of good people but thousand of good movements will not give birth the evil person as is really evil even though only one.

My struggle is a bit different, the background that shaping me is so complex. The network in my mind is an intricate combination but at once is so simple. In addition I enriched my mother’s experiences and also considering my father’s thoughts, I was also enriched by stone, sedges (tiny grass), the wind, and by the fragrant flowers but the cool mountain made me more flows in taking decisions and sometimes seemed like ‘irrational’ in a particular context.

Ten years ago, while married with Squal (pseudonym) from different tribes, my mum never questioned the skin color utterly. With the solid support and was expecting the goodness going on. Leading up to his last days, my mother still often asking Squal and until his death she was still has assume about Squal was a good son-in-law and our marriage run smoothly when the marriage was already over. I was not able to destroy the innocence in herself. Let my mother facing the source of all innocence with his all innocence.

My father who was a bit racist, chose not to comment and let completely to me. When knowing something in my marriage, I think his racist marrow had petrified in his heart. It is possible in his silence, the fact he has opined since marriage occurred and want to prove whether the prospective son-in-law could negate his racist but eventually he gave up I thought. Well what I said about indigenous people in his heart said maybe like that.

Don’t be too discouraged if eventually was wounded by innocence because the parties who did exploit the innocence was also experiencing tremendous change. It can be said if you’re being really sincere in innocence then both sides equally in shock and equally positively give up!

To the taker opportunity, it will come a lot of night will wake up you by innocence. I had watched so many people exploited the innocence, finally compelled to make a change. The human heart is indeed incapable of not be touched with innocence. Like the fish head in coconut curry I cooked with innocent and heartfelt for Squal, it has been working I saw. Until this very second, my fish continuous dancing in his mind unstopped, undermines his heart and keep making him to be a person in grow.

I had experienced many transformations for myself and still continues but finally brought me to the lantern of my life. Being an author is the most I want from all desires and all needs and why it must pass through so many deserts to become a writer? One thing I know now, apparently, all that experiences was given as the “startup capital” in the writing. Here’s what I mean a positive give up. That wealth is my inner wealth over the price paid for the process that I received with the whole soul.

The real racist is a self-expression that felt jealous toward other people will get better ‘more’ but there is nothing the slightest part of it taken from one. A racist people will ride his group to get multiplication support. But not racist should also be able to look at oneself equal with the other regarding the love can grow up healthily.

Racist was triggered from an overly excessive pride in one’s self even includes nationalism. The not racist nationalism in human diversity is minded nation earth nationalism. Seemingly as Earth Citizen approach is difficult to makes you get give up in diversity award.

This is the 2nd series of diversity. Read also at first of diversity in Diversity: Innocent, the 2rd series Diversity: SARA, and 4th series (finished) Diversity: Generous.



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