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Even-though I’ve no bird at least I can write about bird. That curly leaves trees had triumphed reaching the highest roof of house, year by year rainy made the wood at platform been rotten, it had opened the access to the roof, the birds built the cage in there. Their artless sounds have value immortally, beside costless, no charge and no risky anyway. Their freedom being our freedom!

Thereabout two years ago, when the sound bird rising star in Temanggung, many men collected the birds in my housing. The types of birds were variously. I heard there had one million for one bird only. The majority of men showed the birds in the front of house as like the function of bird is ‘toy of boy’. Every morning that birds give the lovely sounds.

Once upon a time, I ever glanced from the kitchen window and asked my self why the birds in front always made a sounds? I just knew some days ago then, apparently the neighbor beside my house had bought the bird also. Their birds roughly separated by one half car only. Thus their cage front to front. So their birds looked for an attention from each to other.

Without an adult man in my house I had no plucky to have bird in my wish someday. Just thinking about it was ‘forbidden’. Let they giving the efforts I taking the benefits said in my heart. After my son schooled in Yogyakarta, nobody stayed in the house of Temanggung. I just consider that our house is not really empty; the birds have been inhabiting in our house. More and more in the day.

The fun of them has fished my interest successfully. It the morning at a day, I peeked them behind the mosquito net, looked for what kinds fun of they were doing actually. I saw carefully, they were perching on the clothes line once whistling happily song then flying again to the red leaves tree beside it and returned back to inside again. Because they were so noisy, I were unhurried to find the difference between my neighbor’s birds and the free birds. I found those were very significant that sound of free birds were more cheerful compared than the caged birds. The freedom was the as it the beauty.

Their sounds also freely as well longer than. I can feel the freedom of they reaching but not at my neighbor’s birds.

By observe the birds lovers who caging the beauty I feel the most lucky person. Unnecessary effort to get and remove them, freely and without bonding, there the beauty present as godsend, is it a gift from God?

One day my neighbor’s bird was expensive stolen somebody whilst the bird bought by him no longer. Of course my neighbor very upset but must accept it. The bird seller had the specifically suffering related to business; their effort to have still must be paid the loss and often there is the seller broken.

The bird can die also because wrong handling or eaten by the rat but the fastest bird died because of their freedom robbed!

I thought the birds lovers had been aware this case but why they still kept the bird? Beside bird commercialization, utilize the free time or to fill loneliness but a hobby at sonority of bird’s sound is most horrible for the birds. Breeding the chicken to have the egg and meat so it same level economy interest at caging the bird to get the sound! When the bird contest related to somebody status that happening whose bird the most ‘powerful’. The toys of boy are indeed close like these stuffs; not from car but from the women, the wealth or the power they find their selves.

It’s rare if somebody bought the bird deliberate to let them fly only! There the people is existed but not many. As I knew the number one of Indonesia people had done it.

Based on a source I read, the birds make five type sounds which warning, flight calling, help requesting, singing and calling like to invite the opposite sex or meal call to nestling. In generally we can understand the birds are being happy, sad or angry actually because the human had connection with the similar value that brought by other creatures. More sensitive people more easy to feel it.

What you thought their sound were beautiful were the sorrow for the birds because attached the wordless of “free me” “free me”. There has moment the birds will come back to say thank you or only asking your day on behalf the kindness had freed them.

Hey Men, Liberates your self your bird was liberated because the beauty can be cooped even through a golden cage!

Happy New Year 2018. Simple Greeting.



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