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Reunite BTP & Vero


#BTPReunitedAbstentionsZero. I convince abstentions would be up as if Ahok got married again, had converted religion or not and with anyone he married. If Ahok moved religion abstentions will be double up more. Ahok, that’s indeed your destiny as a prop of nation’s hope. May I get wrong in this time?

We unboxing a bit of the abstention issue: The issue of abstentions has been an issue since Ahok was imprisoned. Every election must remain the abstentions, but the abstentions from ‘own pocket’ are ridiculous. It becomes a bit horrified because this is a political year with very massive fighting, perhaps that’s the biggest in money politic case in our journey as a nation. It’s nominal so fantastic!!! All method has been taking for along like we are seeing today is one part of that effort; that’s Ahok’s concern also I thought, so he always remained supporters “DON’T ABSTENTIONS” in his every letter.

It’s okay if you want to accuse opponent’s buzzers Ahok spreading abstentions hoax; Ahok’s enemies will be very stupid if not want to gain the gold from this situation after doing much effort providing many hoaxes. Come on, we slowly review it and we realize that the issue of abstentions is real! It’s so easy to analyze it, I try to explain below briefly:

Maybe since Ahok in jailed “hope” was also imprisoned then. When harvest time arrived the flowers falling on the ground; your heart filled by disappointment, sadness, anger, and revenge. Be honest, the Ahokers had limped down at that time.

Where is the coherence between disappointment-abstentions?: That’s the real question! Ahok holds ‘classic hopes’. That’s the problem.

It is very very tired in fighting for classic hopes ; when it grew the hope became the buds, the fresh leaves, and the very beautiful flowers and it would dry the tank of spirit until the base even was able to erode the tank when broken. What is the classic hope?

To see our nation is better; that is all; that is the hope of land’s children.

From the period of the Ahok case going up to court until Ahok was imprisoned, it already assumed that Pak. Jokowi did not take a side to support the hope growing. It makes disappointed bigger and be angry continuously. I hope no need to drag your mind into discussing Jokowi’s policy regarding Ahok’s case after you read this article, that’s not goal article made.

Actually, it was the climax of despair itself. I mean conveying this article to say that all are interrelated.

So after reading until here, it is not effective if you still want to discuss that the issue of abstentions was born because of own will like a child born without a parent. I just want to say who is dare to argue that people have clear logic in hard disappointed; there still dirty in the normal mind.

So, since being imprisoned, disappointment arises then, there is very great anger, revenge has been formed, hopes are broken, adding new disappointment again, “I do not care” anymore is an escape to warrant abstentions in the context of the election. The interval time was very close to each other is another problem again. If this is not a political year and if still 2 years more elections since the hope ‘Ahok’ free, I think it’s enough to bury all disappointments without worrying about the issue of abstention from supporters.

What is the solution can very reduce abstentions drastically is only to restore that hope, which BTP doing reconciliation with Mrs. Vero: simple for politics and shaking for politics! Only Ahok not getting married until next April is very helpful.

A beautiful story of him will begin from there, so the rebranding of Ahok to become a BTP is very meaningful than to that ‘teen story’.

I guess that’s just the most effective way to boost ‘the gap’ of votes that has become a scourge. Why did it become a scourge? We are people who cannot afford to pawn conscience is the reason.

Marriage issues are a common way for people who lost their way: That’s not Ahok’s way. Why I say like that because my heart still believes in Ahok. If Pak Ahok wants to know that even most supporters still do not believe he had gotten a divorce. It’s an illusion if you don’t want to say ‘manipulation’.

I make this article to invite everyone shouldn’t use ‘general ways’ to achieve something; what you had held is the dust actually.

To rebranding Ahok as BTP requires a classy method, cool, smart, elegant, beautiful, and dignified ways because BTP is organically phenomenal. We all should always remember and kneeling down to our organic identity; that’s as is that’s true. that’s Ahok; that’s BTP.

Welcome back to BTP, forgive us who always burden your back.

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