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Especially for me, related to unexpected events but it was happened, I went back into one trivial minor periodesation model as I had written in “Unboxing Self”, but it is a very strong influencer on new commitments forming in my self, which my house assistant left off suddenly. I also mentioned a bit about my housemaid here in other contex if you want to read “Primordial Religion”.

The story is, we used yes or no to need a house assistant, someone came looking for a job. At that time I actually enjoyed doing all the domestic works, by adding friendly laundry support all in perfect, finally, I accepted her. I began to rely on house assistant since that the time.

Because the comfort zone has been firmed strongly, I look like forgot the basic things that taking care of all crowded domestic stuff was truly very effective in the self-unboxing framework; non-sense how can I seem just realized it whereas I had gotten enlightenment several times from there.

Doing housework is indeed quite tiring for the unusual those and washing clothes is the hardest. If you follow from morning to night there is nothing stop for domestic kinds. I am including people who cannot be comforted in a dirty and messy house. Even though I was very tired because the old laundry had moved and no new one I can get, I still tried to enjoy this situation. Wondering a month has passed!

My reaction exactly follows the curves of people who are learning ‘new things’ for that a month. At the beginning, there is feeling resentful, regretful, wanting to give up, pity for my self, self-defense justification, and other various feelings came.

The affairs of domestic work in my house are actually not big, the big one is just laziness—so it coincided at she asking to full off I accidentally get the momentum to dismantle myself again. How come? There is a down-up process repeatedly in there!

From this process, I look at a few things:
Firstly, we often lose one valuable lesson moment that we had grasped actually and it was removed because it was considered trivial, easily getting temptation by other things as well as the human is unable to preserve good things. Our heart situation affecting it.

Secondly, in the midst of the broken process and not just once I’ve found a formula in a situation of being stuck ‘no choice’ that the authentic power of humans will emerge up. We have often read it everywhere and have been scientifically tested and proved by practically. If we train this authentic power will make people stronger and more able to survive in any difficult conditions, once again because of a continuous repetition process in there!

So, do not blame the situation if left by our housemaid, getting fired suddenly from job, get bankrupt, the car was stolen and making us walking to somewhere and all the events that we did not expect but occurred. The longer duration on it, the more we are expert out of adversity in the future.

Thirdly, when the body moves the mind becomes fresher; we also often even when childhood hear this sound, is like similar to a healthy body get a fresh soul; housework I should consider this is a sport is completely different from the actual sport we mean because there is “no choice” factor while pure sport activity is a selectable event and so on..if I didn’t wash clothes meant letting my son wear dirty clothes, so on.. not cleaning the house meant being ready to struggle with dust and dirt; I mean, how dirty people are, there must be in a time they didn’t enjoy it and wanted to get out of that problem, still had element of no open choice in there.

From all repetitive processes, I tried to be honest with myself about some things I was considering ‘my plan’ (I didn’t fit this matter in this article); so when washing dishes and clothes, watering flowers, sweeping, mopping, cooking, shopping, wiping stoves and aqua gallons, and cleaning eggs which are all done repeatedly. For my condition, a minimum of 10 washing kitchen stuffs a day or 300 items per month, if I did cooking can be 1,000 items per month, washing 10 pieces of clothes a day or 1,000 clothes a month, these all excluded sweeping the floor and others cetera cetera..: So believe it that repetitive activities are irrigating blood vessel activities with new oxygen.

Slowly, the fresher way of thinking opened. The causes of some bottlenecks and obstacles thus also unravel on their own. The self is slowly being unboxed. A stronger new commitment presents and even do you know the bright ideas that have changed the world so far are often born from this simple activity also. The new oxygen gives regularity lessons to the brain, the more orderly the brain the soul is neater more; all angles in our telescope.

Indeed, sometimes not all processes of self-unboxing can produce new super strong commitment, it depends on the momentum is right or not, but being in a situation where getting ‘trapped’ no choice will greatly encourage the birth of momentum as we exactly need.



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