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  • Post Brah

    Employ The Mouth

    In anywhere don’t bring the error as-strong-as-we can do. How could you still add the darkness while the light can’t be turned on? Only the truly enlightened people is able cleanse the world. The enlightened peoples have high sensitivity, they knew when to withdraw themselves …

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  • Post Plakor

    Not Hubby Burglar

    His-life-was-empty-he-said. It-was-said after I listened to his problem that he and his wife have no sex for six-months more. His wife has rejected him. His wife’s libido like ‘anesthetized’ he said with full conviction. When I asked what kind turbulence happened in his marriage but …

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  • Post Pohn

    The Color of Ur Tree

    I’m trying to review my auntie’s family-tree. My auntie was the-youngest-son of 6 siblings in my mom line. She resided until died in Kuala Simpang, Banda Aceh province. She died when I was still in junior high school. With eleven children, she like an owner …

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  • Post Wajh

    My Political Will

    Get so tired of seeing Indonesian politics. Definitely, there is desperate in our-mind if we only focus on the public space to be controlled by sick people. Then the uproar has been exposing us. Oh, my lovely Indonesia, pity my Indonesia … The trouble maker …

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  • Post Plgo

    Still Confuse?

    To-do-point, I am sure many people will agree with my opinion that potency of fraudulence in Prabohong group is so horrible than Jokowi’s group. Getting awful also means getting worrying. As personally, I say it is pretty dangerous. Everyone already knows the answer why and …

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  • Post Mons

    Head of Satan

    Jokowi is a person who bring goodness for Indonesia, Prabohong is who bring the destruction for Indonesia. Prabohong, SU and hoax coalition making him being a ‘cardboard general’. Our suspicions always lead to one person named Prabowo in any commotion occurs, proven bump face in …

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