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Teak and Duku


The majority of us like being friends with famous people. FB give you the 5000 opportunities to become their friend. Whether a grace either a disaster how can so easy get the successful when taking part adjacent to famous people. Wear one’s popularity to a larger importance that is relevant such as the popularity of Angelina Jolie used by the UNITED NATIONS to give the influence on its programs in UNHCR. If there is no correlation that can be accounted for in moral and material this might be like luxuria in Latin that means lust ‘leads to an irregular desire’ and is one of the seven deadly sins of principal thought of St. Gregory The Great (Pope Gregory I) was written in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) # 1866.

It is Bertha, that’s my old friend. She may have grown tired of waiting for Giharu, the lady of mountain get failed famous and now may be Bertha feel the chance to has a popular friend is extinct. I so thought maybe she kind a regret has bought my book before. If I met her again I always remember the message with an eye full of confidence she gave before paying my book “don’t forget to remember me when be famous” it sounds like “you are definitely notable being famous then I want to buy but don’t forget me because I have contribution” . I think that confidence is largely derived from herself more than myself famous need.

Bertha, please forgive Giharu, she is not fit to wear his popularity because of the popularity does not become her focus. If Bertha or anyone who ever thought its good enough that’s why Giharu’s book not salable because her writings did not follow the trend for her not a problem because her problem is the popularity not her goal.

And then Tono came, not his real name. He was an fiction person that I created to convey the general conditions. Tono is very like to attend the presentation that held a big MLM in his hometown, in Malang. Some motivational tapes that are sold outside the seminar room often he bought. Diligently he heard and repeatedly replayed with his old mini compo. To be great people and famous should make friend with great people and famous once said the top upline MLM in cassette or seminars. For that in every seminar or wherever he comes and if he thinks that people who meet famous he always approach and asking a sign in his agenda. Take photos is an obligation, if not he will be sorry to go home.

Since then he forgot was a blacksmith who inherited the skill of generations of his ancestors. Tono is too hasty for a fame because from his father, uncle until his cousin that profession as a blacksmith none famous over the village. According to him if it means famous have already performed in television. Tono feel very cool if could come up in tv, MLM is a chance for him to meet a cameraman of tv who covered the event. One day he leave his main expertise. Tried several MLM and insurance but yet still not famous.

Being famous, including get an award and recognition, entertained in the Presidential Palace or gets an honorary degree from the United Kingdom, it is all fruit. It is a bonus to fullfill the needs of human beings are going to confession while the giver of the fruits is the party who has the need to distinguish one from other (appreciation).

Fruit resulted from hard work that constantly honed and maintained but not all hard work should be fruitful because not all trees are flowering and not all of the flowers becomes fruit. But keep in mind due to position of self as the teak tree and not duku tree, the fragile roots grow to be the strong root penetrating to the earth, as well as from the buds break easily become a sturdy rod is that actual fruit itself.

A growth in the context of humans growing fruit will exceed the specified above, because there is the fruit can not picked at the fruitful season then the wind will shed it and then fell to the ground and rot before becoming the new shoots while the tree has been growing even though there is no fruit will continue living unless the nature itself which destroy it.

If all is renowned then the real famous is nothing. Why not try to be non-notable as such you can be famous because this is a part of your unique self that will grow steadily with no matter the distinction provided in the community.

We should design ourselves as teak tree not duku tree as that teak’s famous from it’s wood but the fame did not turn it off like a duku tree when felled.



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