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Vibrant Politic


Beside fraudulence factor, what other things can strike Jokowi at presidential election 2019? I try to observed thoroughly and I found a tight relation between political passion with delivering vote enthusiasm. Is more not able to feel the festive democracy is more to be white group. By other words is more not able to feel the hope was come out from democracy festival is more not care with the vote.

Some times ago I had just countered a friend’s opinion, she said didn’t know anymore which the true and false In a political discussion. All was the same she said at his conclusion. She is Jokower and stay choose Jokowi, but is she vibrant to use her vote will a big question for me. I thought the people like her will more focus in business than to struggle to a vote.

We could not directly blame her at all because her opinion based on the policy taken in this country that she thought it shouldn’t like that. Team of Jokowi could negate all through a statement, but did it can delete the opinion in society’s mindset like case of Rizieq, the people believed his termination letter of investigation (SP3) as soft power of Jokowi. Then assignment of AH, the leader constitutional court done in the middle petition by grass root even the senior intellectuals have resisted him very hard. Also it was very excessive for political maneuver of Jokowi to grab his rivals and took them at the throne.

The group like my friend was enough many. They usually did not focus in nation condition. Business, school and job are most important for them. They judged black-white with no deepen case by case. These group contains the swing voters, new voters, feelgood if being neutral, they are confused between be neutral, be wise and be effective , are critical group, and the minority. It was weird if we surveyed they evenly pro Jokowi but we asked vote Jokowi righ now they like losing the the political passion in democracy party.

That point is these groups are very risky being abstain and their vibrant political factor very highly depends at macro condition. It has happened bias lesson in society that the dignity of troublemaker would be up as long utilized religion skin. Take looks at Ngabalin and TGB along 212 group and politician of PKS who moved to PDIP getting first class very easy. Including PDIP, media and government have given so many attention to them. That superb about TGB was being investigated by KPK has disappeared in public’s mind. They are like the star back from the battle; so that there is any wrong learning was being caught by the people so that produced lethargy at the future. If no effort it would eliminate the vote.

At that moment, the statement of “all is same” or “nothing light anymore in this country” was very prejudice constructive efforts from Jokowi therewith coalition.

The rival knew very well how to hit Jokowi. They actually convince that Jokowi would get 70-75% if all make vote. Some votes cheated some votes deflated to smaller difference of vote was enough good they thought. Unspirited politic done by rival’s propaganda and maneuver played via ‘death whisperer’ must have taken highly serious from Jokowi and coalition. We analysed since Jokowi met 212, then Ngabalin entered the throne, no longer from that one by one “The Investigation Termination Letter” for Rizieq got approval and suddenly TGB was being investigated by KPK thus grabbed by Jokowi. Ngabalin and TGB are good friend you know; that I said it was not easy anymore to filtrate a death whisper because the ‘rivals’ have been in the system.

With no spirit plus the only small technical trouble (fraudulence factor or incidental event) when election would destroy all.

It is not be ignored that inside the part of people’s mind had believed this country still needs so many times to change; the group I said above required very much effort to going to election table. Vote or not is the same for them so why should to vote it would be reasonable question right?

In this case Bapak Jokowi must be careful, no needs to produce sensitive policy especially that related co-opt the rival in the core process when heading the election day, ineffective making commotion in internal supporter and as can as not against with the issues that getting petition by root; it all is able eliminate the original votes and the potential votes. What can be hold kindly be hold at the time like now.



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