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Back To Clean?


As this Eid-Mubarak time is still close with election atmosphere and the volunteers keep moving to firm the power so my writing will be related on this case also because I am an former volunteer for Badja. Total Badja. Total Pancasila. The struggle has changed to be the against of the intolerance and injustice.

Still in mind, we often are seen and heard the big numbers. Its possible of since Jakarta’s election the jargon of number be a viral in the net. Without speaking the party who started it before, we were ever shocked by the 1 million coreligionists, 999 pretty number of lawyer who will back up Mr X, a number of hundreds thousand people who will make a demo in a stadium. Also a show up the number often done by the women, I hate it in while heard it especially to their home appliance. When we heard this case I thought we were thinking they are boastful.

In the context of politic and superior-inferior relationship, a show up number is a type of force show to give pressure. They want to do to get the big attention from his rival as individually or for publically. The unspoken is very clearly to say, “Don’t try anything with me!”

At last, we are so sorry had heard a ruler who had signed 100 lawyers to imprison a volunteer. I think only need a lawyer to jail him is enough if the volunteer is guilty, do not bring his gang. If it be done by the party who has a power it will blemish his power automatically. He will get the bigger antipati like a wave to flow his heart. Because today is Eid Mubarak, we absolutely well known that the women are so busy in preparing the cookies. The eggs in normal condition is usually had a ability to bloom, the power of bloom is a power of healthy egg but if you try to mix that eggs until 100 hours, isn’t to be the fluid?

With his capacity as a VVIP who has big access in this country and has very much money, the volunteer doesn’t mean to him? The volunteer is only one of people who makes the voice from his bottom heart. He only one of many people who want this country is settled. In the context of settled country does the ruler want to do it? Precisely when the ruler made report to the police the ruler is more show his low commitment toward the a criticism. The ruler should to do a question for his self why the people dislike me? Whats stuff I had done that hurt my people? That is a leader!

Sometimes the people had forgotten the origin of capacity that attached on his self. That power is duplicate key that it’s master is held by the people. If the people wanna to take it back the people has full control. A ruler or elite in this country have to understand that the former supporter is very disappointed and be hurt if the ruler can not fulfill like the people expect. The people just claim the standard political contract on him.

Was the ruler chosen must represent all people and all interest? Was it on his oath of office? Its legal if now his supporters are aware and doubt toward his commitment to give order in governmental system.

The criticism could be light to hot. Only the open heart and clean people can accept it happily: These are very standard. One thing is very important to be known and its very honest that I am personally and my friends are shame and felt sorry for that had ever selected you. Inability of neutral manner on him is defective ethics for me.

If we withdraw our support on him and apply an untrustworthy motion so that he should warn himself. Nobody perfect in action. Lets say the volunteer is guilty by rule but how to imprison the voice of heart because the volunteer reflects the collective voices of the people? The voice of heart can not be light off even though how hard the human’s heart like Purnama ‘moon’ can not be jailed. Time reveals the truth.

We can not push the ruler take it or throw it, its clearly the time to ponder had ended. The fasting will be over soon. As if the fasting time is an self-evaluation moment so that its ideally the heart back to clean while to celebrate Eid Mubarak such as thing can run this life like a bird. Hopefully this writing will not bring 100 new lawyers to imprison me. An enlightening in hope!

Happy Eid Mubarak. Minal Aidin Wal Faizin.
Blessed. From YPG and RKP.

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