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Wavy Blade at Back


The latest news the supporter of Jokowi getting noisy since Ngabalin entered the palace and shortly TGB made statement to support Jokowi. At the beginning Ngabalin and TGB are the enemies for Jokowi. Actually this is casual case if happened in the parties where their politician are changeable person time by time to get safe, otherwise this is happened in the government. What did government expect where TGB was investigated by KPK?

In Indonesia politic be known “no lasting enemy only the lasting interest“, unfortunately that interest doesn’t reflect for nation concerns but for a group. The people usually use this phrase to mock the bad politicians. Indonesia democracy won’t ever grow up and the people are always the betting if the politicians struggle for themselves. The party will be a nest of political criminals!

According to Joseph Nye about soft power concept he launched at 80’, soft power is ability to influence behavior of others to achieve the goal. Soft power in opposition related is to attract the rivals and do co-opt. Co-opt is adding or entering new member from rival into our group or process. In our culture, kindly it was called grab the rivals. In “The Art of Wars” book by Sun Tzu we also can find this method; we can say TGB and Ngabalin entered in Jokowi’s group as a soft power of Jokowi. We had heard many time soft power of Jokowi in public communication like, “His wave blade at back be careful!”

Because soft power has appeared as an alternative to raw power politics, it is often embraced by ethically-minded scholars and policymakers. But soft power is a descriptive rather than a normative concept. Like any form of power, it can be wielded for good or bad purposes. While soft power can be used with bad intentions and wreak horrible consequences, it differs in terms of means. It is on this dimension that one might construct a normative preference for greater use of soft power.

I agree soft power as alternative way, but please remember it’s so risky involved the rivals in to the body! The character of rivals in Indonesia are very typical and they still focus livehood issues so much, image and good name paid by governmental position they have and not yet be pure in brainchild struggling. Did enter them in the body was the right decision? Second how the big portion given to them? Was it equal with all sacrifice? To eliminate their wild expectation it has the clear duration time and the rivals had understood it?

Consequently who is the initiator be the early parameter to measure soft power is strategic or not. In this case government or owner of authority must be proactive party because it will very harm if opposition be active firstly and close to government. The majorities have appraises the government in the right track thereby the straight person must save the crooked group! Because its really possible the rivals will infiltrate inside using the soft power because Indonesia is poor of statesman; that is not a fairy tale story that only their interest for bad politicians and bad parties even though they immolate this country!

I think the question about what the points Ngabalin or TGB could change their mind not our discussion, its useless as we put Jokowi’s team as mover. The more crucial next question is and will continue hunt Jokowi’s team that Jokowi can use his authority to give maximum influence? It means any teaching process or any transferring the citizenship ideology from religious insight to be nationality insight is effective done? Its not easy, takes many energy. So I said so risky and I think Jokowi no has time to take concerns like that and just let natural law played.

Psychology theory applies to politician also which the personality science had been formulated based on the pattern of human journey since hundred even thousand years ago; about to have conception ‘universal kindness’ can’t be shaped instantly; it is the whole life battle! It only can be done if people had reached enough for themselves, as long they are not be enough they keep continue to hijack the people’s rights directly or indirectly.

The state concerns must bigger and may not in jail again and again with their changeable concern accordingly they are typical Indonesia politician! The safe step is just give a small under-controlled responsibility only. Okay we agreed to handle the mouth carelessly of rivals’s Ngabalin is the right person.

One thing never forgotten, based on digital record we browse their deeds to hit Jokowi and struck Ahok are very evil! Jokowi must be seriously if expect their good intention can be highly good fruit. It’s ideal they or whom ever hurt the humanity obligate to deliver an apology in public firstly before do anything. It’ll save them from trouble in the future like got label a snake or poor self-esteem even they performed highest nationality progress.

And if Jokowi’s team convinced are in the right track to bring rivals to the light then unstop teaching process for rivals must be done. Not enough to bring them in the palace only. It’s worthy be paid! Because the insight stability caused of political concerns is very fragile by the political dynamic again!



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