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  • Media Bkh


    Dear friends, you are currently in “Museum of Giharu’s Throughs”. Please receive my welcome home. I do hope you all don’t get lost in my thoughts and just finding a brighter way to get back. It really is a blessing.   Museum Of Giharu’s Thought …

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  • Media Wbs


    The last, the public was very impressed with the opening of branch office from the world’s largest social media company in Jakarta, all the national media took cover. I also hunt about the news and get excited. Once time, my social media account got trouble …

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  • Media Tko

    Book In Shop

    Getting Giharu/YPG’s books is not really easy like other books, such as while hangout to a mall then come-around in a luxurious bookshop, cool and bringing home a awesome shopping bag that book inside. To obtain a book of Giharu/YPG required a patience because often …

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  • Post Khdp

    Life Goodness

    The rain somehow is always capable of giving the treasury in thinking, billions ion inside like detached when the water point fall under it. Full-fat plumper bodies suddenly fondled, suddenly felt so cozy by her husband because of the rain to give the meaning that …

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  • Post Mltbsr

    Big Mouth Fish

    Your writing is awesome, gentle and the questions come on me how to write. I usually respond to an expression of praise or admiration of the writings or my struggle with the same statement, “I am a lady of mountain.” I always said like that, …

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  • Post Icrm

    Ice Cream & Newton

    Every day we will meet people who was different with us. From there we might find badness and goodness we have in some of the people we meet. Then we say that person is very crappy whereas this self we mean is crappy or praise …

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