Post Battle

The Old Battle


Ten-years-ago I’ve known the power of online selling like Amazon and five years ago my two friends had suggested me to sell my book via Kindle. I didn’t know what kind the worm was entering my soul at that time, because it was illogical the people who had much business knowledge like me instead ignored the market penetration like Amazon and chose a traditional method to sell my book.

I already indeed crazy if knowing the mostly author begged to the publisher where I rejected it. Finally I used the wind selling networking. I said hey the wind if you are the good and bad vehicle to deliver something to the human so just gave me the good wind, in order my book can speak; about something values in my book later on can be manifested to the pearls of life in this civilization.

When my first book released, I had experienced a load of dilemma between unwilling being famous people with stress condition. I against the primary stream with war my self. The traditional ways involved high patience beside also required the mental readiness to accept difficulty. It was triggered when my foundation start demanded much money to social initiative to small communities I built. Also there is strong willingness to proof my theory that “incredible things was generated by ordinary way”.

My ideas arise when self-discovery ‘enough was enough’ I had reached. It gave the biggest contribution in it so that’s why I was very bold. To built my stream keep me away from the general stream directly. I was very obsessed working behind the mountain, be quite and be silent to bring out a masterpiece to the world. The mad idea likes wanna to break a permanent correlation and transform it to be new creation where it has lived so long in society’s mind and it was believed the only way to reach success with

The big picture I am very interested to crash two opposites things and makes impossible things be possible!

So many battles I have had. There was the fatigue and a wish to give up. My rationality moved very liar to sued my thoughts. There were attempts to stand and be consistent upon the willing to betrayal towards the message I want to bring. At any rate, the people who like to do tussle with herself is Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung.

Such as a war defended light would bring forth a book of life as well the battle that probably I may had finished it had created so many seeds in my life. I believed it wouldn’t be exhausted by the time and hopefully it can leave a new thinking for us that money, popularity and visible things in this world have the shorter period and its are not everything. Under water process in a battle has time no limit and it must be reference of modern human in revitalization of ethical and moral decline to achieve something.

In this case it always no needs the people’s credits because this is about self-development, so don’t make statement like nobody care me!

By exploding the online marketing in Indonesia that influenced by incline market in internasional, it directly hit to the book conventional marketing in Indonesia and all the world very strong.This changing gave me a feel free upon my dilemmas and proved my theory!

And when knowing Amazon had sister company named CreateSpace focus to paper book based on demand printing had given me a way to publish my book to internasional with no feeling as deserter on my own message I had said 5 years ago.

Here it doesn’t need credit from others because the process is own personal heirloom that always should be sought everybody who seeking the beauty of life. Public only need to know the final track which today can buy Giharu’s books via Amazon, just click Amazon US, Amazon UK dan Amazon Eropa.

The matrix of battle had been squeezed become the seed of life. The consistency and survival in very hard situation had been stamped in the self-development frame very strongly. It would beautify the treasure of my writing in the future.

Thanks God for the time where had brought me in the condition I really wanna to leave and to stay that I ever so terrible at once so beautiful.

Especially to my friend Helena Abidin (Marketing Director of BMW) and Alex (Owner of PT. Varnion Technology Semesta who gave free and unlimited hosting), to you a both I dedicate this writing. You are a both the first people trust me directly when I said my book brought the message of growth. At 07 morning, when we sat at a cafe in Plaza Indonesia, once again I make sure that what you heard five years ago that I brought down from mountain it never shift thus one millimeter until this second!



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