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An Executioner Knife


They are thinking The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is a normal knife to slice the tomato! KPK is like a knife of an executioner is so very powerful where it probably can be used by the parties who want to destroy the politician enemies.

It was right that why the constitution of KPK must be revised as soon as possible. I agreed it because I didn’t see the point to weaken KPK if revising done and as if there is any weaken potency on that revised/added article it means to achieve the very huge and high and essential and strategic purpose than catching the corrupter.

In this case I agreed with The House of Representatives (DPR). I thought it was right KPK must be corrected after 15 years operating.

I need to make this case as a writing, this case is very important. I mean it was very weird and what is the behind of scene about the weakening KPK blooming happened today?

My curiosity is double as that narration was coming firstly from the internal KPK via the employee community, who is the cool guy who could being driving this narration? That cool for the meaning to say how could he say it has weakened KPK even he didn’t get and know the points of revision?

The weakening narration was being robbed time by time and it was so consistently by the spirit of one demo to another demo in everywhere. That demo rundown showing us very clearly that the demo will be held from the time until “THE STATE IS OVER” and one thing via turunkan Jokowi (Bringdown Jokowi) a trending hastag. Is it still presidential election time?

Beside demo it had done so many triggering chain from Papua case, Aceh, firing the forest and the draft law of Criminal Code (KUHP); everybody can understand easily no must had skill in politic that all is like the serial story.

On demo rundown ‘ll be held “tauhid parade” (Islamic symbol parade) by Islamic group/organizations who getting illegal and radical stamp from public at September 28, 2019 at the end of demo will making us disgusted. Oh, Godness, the religion masturbation must show on; especially for this case about ‘something is standing’ must be finished, can’t finding ‘the hole’ then the public crotch be eaten. Oh my God, the finally they is heading to the crotch—the draft rules of Criminal Code from them are very full of the points for ‘bird’, crotch, nasty, flirty, and something like that!

Must using the different eye to seeing KPK today. KPK is not about to rescue the money of state anymore you know! For what that saved thousand billion money for a DEAD STATE? It is very clear in rundown they want to destroy this state. The money is just the tool the state is the owner and once the source of money, if the owner is dead, can not produce the money anymore as the source is broken do you think it is able to rescue the money?

It is very fair when seeing different sight at one thing by time to another time based on currently dynamic developing and it is similarly seeing the revision the terms of KPK.

The team is changing by job period right? It is normal that each personnel joining by personal mission and struggling. There is pure and heartfelt to serve the state as like the purpose of The Introduction Constitution 45 paragraph 4 but there is also full of the intrigue and had hidden agenda for their group to make this state is over. So, revised KPK getting the role for the case like this, to breaking them before they destroy the state.

It is so risky just focus KPK through the elected 5 leaders by The Selection Committee. The political position only for 4 years but it may be they are becoming a octopus inside there who knows because no law can touch them.

That 5 leaders naming someone being a suspect based on data and the problem is not that data are collected from where but from who! Thats problem.

The data are collected from any KPK’s network, from the people, and cetera cetera then that data are processed and developed. It was not the deputy leader will process that data right but by the task division via the directorates until to a small team and then executed by one person. Processing data is a computer and technology task where had individual characteristic job. I hope the public can start understand my though especially for KPK leaders @official.kpk and @AnitaWahid in @MataNajwa @najwashihab show.

It was very harmful if a person who getting religion onani handling the case like this. If they not getting an ‘impingement’ like they wish, for the member of The House of Representative from Party X could be a suspect and I am sure even able to grip the president where when enjoying after fly securing the data of his cousin in another time.

That revision of KPK can touch the personnel like that. The law can fire directly if indicate something goes wrong as follow the government employees laws.

In Mata Najwa shows that KPK may argue has no Taliban Police or something like radicalism. What is that radicalism? The radicalism is the cancer cell in NKRI body. Can not make die the cancer cell. They can make the place they live die where they will live successfully. The only blocking the cancer cell or only was prevented in order not spreading extensively and dying the NKRI unity in diversity.

Don’t forget a literature inheritance for survival live from our ancestors that “the preventive stuff is better than medicating“, it had been dropped from the sky by century to century to make the human living safe and peace.

Have we aware the powerful the harm of “radicalism” in a state especially for the nation like Indonesia that founding by the diversity. It is more easily to destroy the colorful things to become a chip if the cancer cell of radicalism has arrived in the vital organ, just counting the time.

KPK must be strengthened by a revision on the law! It has done! Thanks God! Yes or no had radicalism doesn’t matter anymore or the issue of to safe The House of Representative and any because a matter is the highest, the most value and important must get our concern for about the future of this country.

For the young sister collegger who is doing demo, please don’t force them to see something outside of themselves for about the strategic thoughts as the people and as the nation because the selves of them are still sought everywhere. Going do demo as long as don’t betray your nation. Just is my advice as your sister!



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