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Unreal Dementia


For human development are mutually forgiving, inevitably we have to use medical theory to justify the people “pretend to forget” have dementia illness in order to cool the anger. Pretend to forget have to give back flatiron that borrowed 10 years, pretending to forget should send sleeping bed carried until to pretend to forget has left IDR 3,100 trillion debt.

Pretend to Forget of A Witch
A long time ago, my mother has two monthly social gathering in parallel with his friend who dress up like a witch. She did it to save his money, so she intended to withdraw the money at the end of the period of gathering so to get it be multi-intact. With 40-50 members per group, it will be estimated 2-3 years will be completed. Thousand per thousand from sale of his uduk (red: a traditional food from Jakarta) diligent collected and timely paid to the witch. At the turn she was about to pull his money, my mother was very surprised because she fully had tricked out. The groups has long discontinued.

It will be understood very perfectly, my mother was old woman, with kind intentions, collect a thousand, two thousand of his daily sweat felt hurt deeply. I persuaded her to be threw away as donation only and i will replace it because his son as a educated person that ‘lost his way’ moreover a mother who did not give a noble way of thinking. At that the time, when I managed to contact her son who works in a big office instead was not be shame how can taking this responsibility. Until about a year my mother just can accept this case after a large machete directed at us when we had been visiting his home to ask his good intentions.

If the witch taking a machete, of course we should say the flatiron borrower will use the hot iron to beat the truth or the carrier of mountain mattress will use fetched reasons to justify pretend to forget.

Pretend to Forget With SBY
But there are interesting, news today, not of gasoline price increase that announced by Jokowi but the comments of our esteemed former president, Mr Yudhoyono, “The government should explain to the people on the decision to increase the fuel.” His tweet some time after a call from Pak JK.

Un-real reason, hot iron, sharp machete, a tidy chirp are the behaviors on the basis of defenses for pretend to forget. Because we believe they are borrowed/carry stuffs, took the money and the creditor 3.100 trillion are people who are healthy and normal, it is reasonable the anger continue to exist despite it always tried to be forgotten because our humanity should thrive also.

Proverb always speak honestly: to forgive is easy thing but not to be forgotten, for example as my mother’s case, she had passed away and unlikely remember the event of fraud, but there is me not going to forget it and if I am finally separated from the body but this story will be telling through my writing timeless.

SBY can continue to pretend to forget the 3,100 trillion debt which he had has bequeathed to the Indonesia but still there are generations that will count them later. And the end at: Anger will stop if we know them all, taking decision because of dementia.

Interpellation Right of People
Behavior of pretend to forget categorized the same with ‘sphenak dhewe’ in Javanese; This character is a twin brothers authoritarian growing smooth in our personal, the output expected would be clear that they will be only safe. People with this mentality will not be able to become a knight and be gentleman to any time because there is always an intellect reason and ‘theories’ to cover the simple reason in their heart.

Expect the Parliament at SBY era utilize the interpellation right to ask him it was already no need to be discussed here and just a waste the time. Be sure, people will always be at the beginning and at the end, this is the absolute law! And before that anger burn like wedus gembel, our esteemed former president should enjoy the time with fun and if he can make a statement, “Count me, rising fuel because of my contribution also” sound like the world will be ended, before the people chasing: “WHERE DID YOU THROW 3.100 TRILLION?”



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