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  • Post Mrl

    The Author Morals

    Ugh! So fed up! If any author made book about “Tricks Capable Creative Writing Within Two Minutes” or “Being Famous and Rich Author Tips”? What story did you told? Those books are like a cooking recipe of ‘rendang’ without fire; the books ‘split off the …

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  • Post Nyp

    Silence Day

    This year’s celebrating of Nyepi is very special to me. Nobody knew what has influenced my thoughts, I’m such a large current drawn to celebration of Nyepi. Maybe because I connected with friends in Bali and secretly jealous with the spiritual experience of that friend …

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  • Post Jun1

    Junius Javaplant

    Since 06:00 morning, I’ve drove to Solo, picked up my friend Mas Bibit first, then continue trip to Javaplant, Karangpandang, near Mount Lawu. This trip was not just far in distance but recently realized almost 4 months since first contact: I want to see this …

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