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The Author Morals


Ugh! So fed up! If any author made book about “Tricks Capable Creative Writing Within Two Minutes” or “Being Famous and Rich Author Tips”? What story did you told? Those books are like a cooking recipe of ‘rendang’ without fire; the books ‘split off the brain’ that exists only in the country that is being dying. Indeed sad because instead the big publishers took advantage of disorder reader.

Writing requires a thinking process. The hair would turn white and fall down when you think very hard to produce a clear writing. Perverted thoughts will result perverted writing anyway. That thinking process doesn’t happen overnight especially 2 minutes. More writing with the goal of balancing requires reflected inner, successful personal live decades. This is relates to the life choices that will be shared. The talent of writing is just another booster . Goals and ideals behind the writing are only which made it like a gem that worth inherited to the process of thinking in human civilization.

Writing or book such a fast track genre, comics, frankly I strongly oppose it. Then do not wonder why the radical group is flourishing existence in Indonesia? I think the starting from the almost identical to above mentality, then the black writings produced without a sense of responsibility. The right and linear basic thinking vandalized without availability of consideration space there.

Writings without a reflective chance it’s nature are all about doctrineism.

The Moral Responsibility Of The Author
Please to the author who want to go the ravine but please don’t invite other people, I mean so. An author has a very strategic role while it’s critical to shape opinion in the subject point of the mind. If the sins of a commercial doctor is already very big then the sin’s author is very giant.

This is all to answer my reasons, honestly I’m not interested have the follower. Because the balancing of ideals did in all writing could be contain stains. Because I was also a part of the human beings who are not sterile, it’s true? Which I always hope when readers read my book will going a conversation between their inner with themselves, not by me. I am only a simply electrical conductor medium but the source is not mine

There are psychiatric periods of human messed up and escape to on the readings, at that moments, the wave of thoughts easily possessed by bad things. Consideration becomes narrow. Be careful to be a writer because a writer capable of destroying several generations until an ethnic missing in the world.

Self Healing
Writing is a process of “self healing”. By writing all aspects of self, mind, heart, soul, emotions were keep rehearsed repeatedly. When put it in the sentences the crowded feelings come out as well as deleting it also removing its wounds.

Get To Know Yourselves
Because the brain is constantly trained when writing, eye just such open, it turns out so many good and worst things ourselves. At that time, the intimate process of self introduction happened, until get its root. All techniques may be tried, as we are trying to make balls cake; the size, functions, materials, cooking methods, containers, fire techniques, stirring, all we already know well and then processed, will be made as cake balls or siomay? All depend on us. Here’s the beauty of writing due to processing of ourselves in there.

The Sensible Writing
The sensible writing is the writing that has a balance. Balanced is mean has a opportunity for readers to take the distance to meet and to get know their traces of mind on what had they read. I think the eternal writing contains the reflective elements. Writing like a sheet of glass spread. When reading it, the roadmap of readers’s mind can be reflected from writings, not from the author. The author is just someone who stands beside you without visuals.

But it would be nice if the readers also get the author’s disposition in the clear context.



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