Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2016’

  • Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung

    RPCAS-3 Meeting (2)

    In the meeting, The Head of Sindoro Sumbing, Bapak Kaum told his discomfort about the fund of development. Knowing large amount of 3 Billion was creating a convulse of good-heart especially in the subconsciousness of the mountain generosity. He had rolled this question several times …

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  • Sobobanyu Preparation Meeting

    RPCAS-3 Meeting (1)

    After we bought jack-fruit from the vegetables-seller, me and Nurul was waiting at the Bus Station at Temanggung for a bus to leave to Wonosobo. Today, January 11th, 2016 was the day scheduled for the 3rd Development meeting The Water Temple Sobobanyu (RPCAS-3). Unbelievable, usually …

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