Giharu Si Perempuan Gunung

RPCAS-3 Meeting (2)


In the meeting, The Head of Sindoro Sumbing, Bapak Kaum told his discomfort about the fund of development. Knowing large amount of 3 Billion was creating a convulse of good-heart especially in the subconsciousness of the mountain generosity. He had rolled this question several times in the meeting and continue to be wild ball into his heart.

Remembering of the expert of reservoir was being parted as a team in the beginning. His very good english conversation and professional on his business. Expertise, rich and has many big projects, he must have billion funds in his hands otherwise when he knew how this program to start from the “power of heart” he was quailed. In the beginning very enthusiastic in the first meeting in Central Java and hoping can meet all the stakeholder soonest. He said gathered all, I’ll come and support Giharu. Might be four time he mentioned it. But where is he now?

One day, the expertise called and told this project will be wasted. No one is supported, this is hopeless. I hard to made him believe that this working required different point of view, if he can enter the mainstream of universe work so he is able understand of the universal beauty. Big possibility is about the funds also. 3 Billions Impossible… Owh!

This was happening in six month ago. While talking with other team, found, he was becoming chagrined to support in this struggle, after knowing I don’t have gold bar; there is no money to backup this project. 3 Billions Impossible… Owh!

In this time I would like to share something simply but basic. First need to know that Giharu is not a builder, not a consultant and Giharu in this YPG is a movement. Giharu is a human and once transformed concept in the mountaineers. I, part of them people who lives in the hills who searching for a water.

I think, if I or else everyone, who has a lot of money, it is not a solution! How big as money will gone. That is principle. It very simple to the story of a father who ended all his worth to help his daughter, while her life still gone. The orphanage requires donors at all times, social workers have always been underfunded. A non profit institution who could be smart in fund management taken but money is becoming low. Money cannot follow human heart. Road or reservoir has been created, but then road and reservoir require an unlimited fund to maintain. Every successful development of fund will creates other needs of fund, all of it requires fund—all of it means, money does not have to always be relied upon to move.

Before, a volunteer has difficulty to come if no vehicle to support, while one time, he saw me use a public transportation to the event, that is changing his mind, now he always use a motorcycle. Of course, vehicle, dreams, goals, everything needs money, but don’t forget we always have a nature power. If moving in the literally context of human loco-motor ‘physically moving’ so see we still have foot bring us to present.

The power of heart is a powerful trigger of the movement more than the organs motion itself. It makes steps to help people who is in accident, it moves us to do good or not good. The destiny of money only as a follower of the power of the heart. The movement created from the power of heart will make unbelievable results. The persistence of successful businessman is starting from the heart. Because in the heart has unlimited reserve fund.

Why it so hard to understand, because the world only teach us to believe what we handed. If have a money today, very simple to will to buy a kilograms of rice for dinner. How to building a house if we knows very hard to get eat so the people will say you live in not general corridor ‘manner’. Developing of Sobobanyu needs the power of heart more than other physically infrastructure itself.

With a lot of money of course can do many things, but it cannot do one thing—gives a heart. The power of heart will be paralyzed until be deactivated because too focus for money.

Do not under-estimate of the power of heart, the biggest is heart from a mother in life and it is exist. Our friend, Ian Setiawan, gave his mind in the meeting to motivate Bapak Kaum to do more in believe, but must have understanding why he believes. The conviction must to have a basis.

The bus singer who consistent in inconsistency just got his goal, while this is a struggle in consistency inside consistent. The basic term; technical and non-technical such an effort and hard work all will be done but the legitimate basic of struggling is sovereignty to determine the future. It where the sources of the believe.



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