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  • Post Smw

    Abrahamic Religion

    In majority – minority conflicts cause replacement place only in three Abrahamic religions without adding a significant total in amount of believers and may be get decreasing. My theory based on the analogy of the 100 pieces inheritance of father contested by his descendants, some …

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  • Post Bpu

    A Dispersion

    Spreading of the religion is directly related with the amount of his adherent growth, ideally the more members the more enlightening people, it should be like that but could slap the face in the field. The simplest measure of enlightenment is peaceful morfik field that …

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  • Post Mnf


    Thats because of Ahok again! The social-media is more-lively now than before, it’s wall had been religion-stage in various-ways. The Interests in the impromptu interpreter of religious job are experiencing a rapid increase in both parties. One group felt was attacked other built a fortress, …

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  • Post Coro


    Keep always-in-mind that’s why it’s very important to have sanity-thinking if you don’t wish to be a cockroach when entering old age phase. Since the elections of Jakarta 2017 heats up, the old cockroaches popping up. They are taking a role, there is a supply …

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  • Post Comb

    Blessing of Sewage

    The related reaction-action of human, this paper wants to try peeling a perspective that often is difficult to built linearly if based on hatred. Hatred is very easy to be blown up if got the right vehicle like love, SARA (tribe, religion, ras, etnis and …

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