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Abrahamic Religion


In majority – minority conflicts cause replacement place only in three Abrahamic religions without adding a significant total in amount of believers and may be get decreasing. My theory based on the analogy of the 100 pieces inheritance of father contested by his descendants, some goingt to rights some going to left and there are falling to other place. The other is Buddha. Buddha gets bonus from the conflict related descendants of Abraham.

The above rationale based on the gradual analysis of up-down amount of three Abrahamic religions time to time by taking global demographics based in 3 regions where Christian-Muslim conflict (impact or cause) is more dominant in there, namely in the Arabian Gulf-Middle East, parts of the Western world and Indonesia.

The first . Let’s look at the back, since the first century until the Mamluk clans oppression against Christians since the 13th century and the rise of Islamic militant activities in Egypt in the 1970s, the Christian population in the Middle East has decreased dramatically. From 20% of population was estimated to be only 5%.

The conflict has forced the Christian population fled to the Western world or were killed or forced to pay huge taxes. The most of them was very terrible killed. Millions of Christian groups in the Arabian Gulf-Middle East that still survive until today. To avoid a pursuit apparatus the worship organised underground and identity hidden even from their family to save.

Since the war in Syria raged up and increasingly power in militant hard-liners like the ISIS, then Christians in the Middle East experienced a remarkable revival. The addition of a number of Christians also came from Muslims who were angry over the anarchists group who performed in the name of Islam, community got despair as well as a proliferation foreign labor in the Gulf. As we knew Oman, Abu Dhabi and Saudi are good friend of the US. Now it is very easy to get a video of the Christian Revival Event in the Arabian Gulf or christenings event in various media. How many % of increase in Christian population there is not fixed figure because that a fixed thing in the Middle East is only amount of oil reserves.

Christians also have to pay to this conflicts. There a hot balls of The Crusade had been thrown since the year 1090. Christians were also not sterile from this mess, especially the soldiers of United Kingdom had done a lot massacre to Muslims at crusade time while trying to seize Jerusalem from Islamic community. You can find some different versions of the Crusades story on google but this paper is not looking for whose a right and a wrong otherwise to build a mutual understanding.

The second. Then we see the majority of Christians in West. Many churches had been abandoned by the people. Magnificent churches in Europe had changed to be museum right now. We should pay to enter into the Church ‘museum’ for maintenance fee. A church in London, had been bought by a rich man from Turkey where functioned as a Mosque. The symptoms crisis of faith among the younger generation against the mainstream flow of Christians in the West may had been started some years after industrial revolution at 17th century in the United Kingdom.

The smaller community and more dynamic Christian got overflow of mainstream Christians. At that time the community had been very bored with monotonous Church as well as disappointed by the scandal in Church.

In addition, I think increasingly the interest of studying Islam by the West at that time. The Western community who already disillusioned with the Church, also experienced burnout with the hedonism lifestyle. The wave of “New Age” in the 19th century had encouraged them to study Eastern cultures, including Islam.

That situation did not long stay because in the early 20th century, radical networks such as Al-Qaeda, Taliban, JI and Al-Nusra Front increasingly got their true identity. The outbreak of the civil war in Syria, followed a rise of militancy like ISIS, Boko Haram and Abu Sayyaf, blasting and terror that still keeps going up till this paper written like “the waves had rolled up the ocean”. The 20th century is the century of the world’s largest Islamic phobia. Their actions had degraded Islam globally. The parties who possibly got interesting in Islam will undo his wish because disappointed. It’s impossible a faith can be spread in phobia state perfectly? The world of fear which religion is thirsty for blood, call to jihad to kill!

As bombs that continue to be exploded with no one was able to ascertain when it’ll stop, the wave of disappointment in Muslims are also unlikely to be controlled: this process is very humane like proverb said again”a speck of indigo damages a pot milk”. Some people are very angry, embarrassed, devastated and sad. This condition could encourage people to convert his belief. To become a Buddhist is the most neutral choice for them. I just read a news this morning from Independent that there has been a lot of conversions from Islam to Christianity faith in refugee for various reasons. Some as not free to choose his beliefs in their origin country because any threat of assassination or maybe they thought for ease to live in countries where they stay now.

Related refugees is very interesting to say. Without the intention to hurt humanitarian crisis faced by refugees and sully efforts from various parties to help refugees. As politically, I think the most sides probably had done a analysis like me and were wondering that weather is a massive movement of Islamic missionary spreading’ done by Syria then ridden by ISIS? My amazement increased after saw Syria President, Bashar al-Assad could still laugh with all suffering of his people!! My skeptic thinking go to somewhere like Syria deliberately spreading his people so that Islam spread automatically!

The influx of millions refugees sporadically is a very strategic effort to spread Islam in the West. Now nearly 7 million refugees predominantly Islam has spread to the Western world. It can be said this case is the fastest method to spread a religion than done by Christian missionary. Christian missionaries used to be sent to the forests, in small village of single-handedly to open the Church from scratch. Even Church took hundreds years still not achieve 1 million Christian community even in a small territory while 1 million Muslim refugees have settled in Germany within 1-2 years! One million Muslims in Germany will be playing the dynamics in there. They are indirectly the Ambassadors of Islam especially Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated will do assimilation of refugees. Muslims will be integrated together in 80 million population that had inhabited in Germany.

This was so fantastic? The incredible potential number if can be managed wisely by refugees and Islam globally and proved as a religion of rahmatan lil ‘ alaminn to the world, Islam will be developing rapidly in the West. Almost all freedom are available in the West to develop Islam widely, such as the respect for freedom and protection of minorities is much better than developing and underdeveloped countries

The third . Now let’s see our love country. Whats is level had been accomplished as a nation and as a country’s majority Muslim population in the world in terms of protecting the minorities? Minorities are still shuffled stepping to get religious freedom in some places up this second. If “the water was more surppressed it will flow everywhere”, so the Christian population has increased very rapidly is a fact. According to the BPS since 1980-2010, Indonesia Islamic population continues to decline from 90% to 85,1%. According to the survey the tendency will drop until approximately 84% in 2050. The percentage of new Muslim growth is very lower than Christians. Christians in this case includes all existing flow in Indonesia.

If the associated all violent action since the Bali bombing, terror happened everywhere, radicalism and pressure still occurred in minorities and increasingly wild anarchist group that backed up by some senior figures who have lost sense, then we could easily conclude these are all a madness of number crashed!

We can assume a frenzy wrapped to defend religion like the madly people bought the falling stocks at the stock exchange. After 16 years rather than their stocks surged up they getting shiver in the season has no one snow.

It is absolutely normal for every religion trying to spread what a true believed but to be abnormal if delivered by imposition way of that accompanied the anarchist action. The numbers are not necessarily completely reflect the faith even figures could reinforce political and economic bargaining position as people.

We still remember the big mouth that claimed 7 million in action-212? Yes! Thus they live over phobia of figures while keep to produce phobia of Islam to the public. They thought to achieve the believer like raising the numbers of stock plummeting. The anarchist is used will only drop figures more deep. As Gus Mus said their anarchist actions were insult religion”.

As long the demons still be alive, if one day the world ruled by Islamic-controlled, the world also will never be peaceful! So we all ask including moderate Islam asked in amazing what do they want beside a chaos?

We are very sad the presence of senior Islamic figures who could not be wise, in fact an internationalized guy has increasingly shortened mind. The short axis is made shorter by them.

After you perused these analysis, can you see a clear conclusion about an amount movement of three Abrahamic religions that one hemisphere is decreasing as cause of the other is increasing. There is dead there is alive but be sure always will fall into an another oasis. It will be so on..until this world reach it’s equilibrium back with no care about amounts!

Weather will you ill feel all the time for amount after saw this fact????

Theology of Budha had said we are that central way!



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