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    Primordial Religion

    Perhaps….any of us felt more-safe ‘ok’ if had housemaid in similar ‘one’ faith because any of them never-yet getting experience one faith but is a thief or experiences with a noble heart different faith. There is a godly Christian friend often includes this wish in …

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  • Post Mimosa

    Radical Mimosa

    I don’t agree the opinion of ‘radical mimosa’ that Tolikara case in 2015 done Christian group and Rohingya’s issues by Buddha group are similar radicalism in Islam. In the context radicalism is religion purifying efforts so that the efforts of Tolikara and Buddha in Myanmar …

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  • Post Purifyng

    Washing The World

    Islam communities no need to feel over guilty because radicalism happened in any religion. I said to my Moslem friend. Indeed Islam radicalism is different with other religion radicalism by the purpose, scale, way, context and concept. Also no need allergy to about Islam radicalism …

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