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  • Post Nero


    Remembering Nero remembered my father for an accomplished interpersonal relationship. It was not a top hero of relation none ruin. It was quite good for a normal relationship. Plus minus it has been giving meaning in my rest live. My father had passed away more …

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  • Post Prayer17

    A Political Prayer

    Just-saying I’ve been-dispirited because willing a death! Being sure a horrible death I wish can be happened! I place that death to somebody named Prabowo. His death is my political prayer to close 2017. What is you political prayer for Indonesia? To the pile of …

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  • Post Writing

    The Soul Lantern

    Before 2017-year will end, I’m Giharu, as writer would like to apologize to my dearly-readers. After I checked my writing back I got many typos also many lost words of sentences and of course will lose the part of whole meaning as a body writing. …

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  • Post Ideal


    Oneday a friend asked me did I want-to-accept money from corruption-deeds to fund my project? NOPROB if the program to produce Pil PCC or developing brothel. What was different I and they I answered him. If for finance the duck husbandry program would I he …

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  • Post Wind1

    A Million Winds

    Our goal to return is holiday. Back to Temanggung we get holiday going to Yogyakarta getting holiday also. The full of vacancy is our currently life. At principally is holiday. So the whether we do not live as how people live from learning and working? …

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  • Post Bus

    Lying Bus

    We have to seem like more profesional passenger Son, I say to my son when arriving in Bus Station Jombor-Yogyakarta. No asking about Temanggung only one if we are asked people especially we do ask first, we’ll be lied at last like before! The previously …

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