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Radical Mimosa


I don’t agree the opinion of ‘radical mimosa’ that Tolikara case in 2015 done Christian group and Rohingya’s issues by Buddha group are similar radicalism in Islam.

In the context radicalism is religion purifying efforts so that the efforts of Tolikara and Buddha in Myanmar are religion purifying acts. Their actions seem like a vengeance, self defense and their actions dd not intervene their own religion or hooking their understanding to be pushed to others. That is a really important thinking its are not related politic and illegal actions to shake valid government. Without see their motive and a goal their acts were very similar bad with extreme radicalism Islam.

I mean its ineffective that Islam group like radical mimosa that taking occurrence comparative of other religion radicalism to annulled extremist radical islam for “a something can’t be be debated by other religion“. That incident can’t be compared because different substance totally.

The same case when was convinced ISIS made by America and Israel, I think this is is very stupid and a fake! There is an analysis is really inconsequential said western countries created ISIS to rule oil field in Middle East! Knowing thousand soldiers of western block killed in ISIS war, then increasingly terror actions in many worlds had killed thousand lives; its had broken fake analysis.

I understand a worry of our friends from radical mimosa group. Yes indeed it can not be hided the stereotype is developing in society had disadvantaged Islam globally. Extreme radicalism was generalized all Islam group instead of no absolute thing in this world. Then about “teaching of Islam get terrorist stamp”; these case are included something can be debated other religion” because its related internal teaching of islam. So like I said before the attempts to compare violence actions that related other religion or not it always can not use religion approach.

To answer the earth citizenship perspective challenge that we have must seen the problem around us becoming together problem.

We have to synchronize perception that moderate is not enemy for moderate. The opposition of moderate is the live destroyer groups. So how there mimosa radicalism taking disposition toward extreme radicalism and moderate people? So..

In any moderate religion circle as I knew is the elegant people and be wise facing stereotype. Not neutral but be wise. They can not be influenced at least to that case because their outlook to love civilization developing. They are free of identity issues. Whilst radical mimosa proclaimed is neutral people but in the field not be neutral be wise of course not also. The neutrality of moderat more vast compared radical mimosa.

So there are three groups in this life which: MODERATE, SEMI RADICAL-MODERATE and TOTAL EXTREMIST. Extremist is very violent radicalism and radical mimosa is semi radical-moderate. Radical mimosa also called soft radicalism.

There is always a longing to view and been in the one color world in the heart of semi radical-moderate based on same religion. This is like religious fantasy in religion psychology. They keep missing this wish because carrying the world sin to much. They also believe the religiosity will develop better and more scared if been in one condition, one location, one flag, one way and the contents of prayer, cloth model, the way of speak, spirit or to give greeting in same desain in one religion. One religion is their comfort zone.

Semi radical-moderate in any religion made statement disagree violence but they can not stop kill that longing.

They likes mimosa leaves can’t accept twilight no have power to reject dawn. They closed minded be reactive soon at any identity sides touched but in the morning their leaves mouth open very bravely in the name of reality needs to eat sun light so greedy. Their flowers can bloom so beautiful with no disinclined to King of The King.



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