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The Braces


It’s time to inform the somewhat sensitive things. The farmer whom we are siding as long and maybe after you knew which it could be able the inflict another excesses of your involvement then it has become the responsibility of each. Even you cancel the support we could not do anything. If it must be so, let remain so but if my experience is challenging your mind for an understanding out of the box, I think that’s the beauty of the universe brought us here. In an objective that is more independent.

I start from a story of my journey. At one time, I met a group of farmers who were squatting on the edge of their fields. When it was dry season but the plant leaves are green and large were flourishing in there, standing upright covering almost all surfaces of land but I did not know it’s names. Then they had been talking and greeted when saw me closer. The mixed smoke of frankincense had been racing to the sky to reached the summit of the mountain is an impossibility. Beside of each lying disorganized plastic hamper, there is turn upside down position and mixed with soil but all contents in hamper ran aground. Some fried foods in black plastic already forgotten because the smoke had been getting more billowed.

Seeming did not have the slightest suffering clamping their ribs as often broadcasted by media that I read more decades. When reading the less sympathy news what we can do? just fretted as the most concerned sign. They are still limited to the object information, but …

After you asked their conditions or how the price of cabbage, its directly making many overlapped lines in their forehead with dreamy eyes. I guarantee you will get a majority answer always the same even of farmers everywhere—YES, LIKE THIS IS THE FATE OF FARMERS SINCE OF YORE UNTIL NOW LIKE THIS! An expression of the most permanent of the human self helplessness ever I saw.

Finally, the more often met farmers who squat in the corners of the fields accompanied by smoke into common things to me. Hanging out getting closer and then visited their houses, please do not expect the fire will be turned off to welcoming you: They are the tobacco farmers whom are always exposing me with cigarette smoke that becoming the focus of my struggling and friends passing the YPG.

It’s hard to Temanggung to deny itself as region of tobacco. With an area of 870 thousand km2 of which most planted tobacco is the fact “turn on and turn off”; a more balanced statement for anyone than a comment of “tobacco is culture”. Even the famous Kemloko Tobacco that made icons of Temanggung. Tobacco is a mainstay of the commodity during the dry season. “So why can be planted because no water”.

One day a tobacco farmer whom such like family came to my house and said he was losing money while all capital working came from the debt. The story about him is four years of loss within five years I’m in Temanggung. Not only him, a lot, so many like him! Since we frequent meetings at Sindoro Sumbing to prepare Development Plan of The Water Temple Sobobanyu in their village, finally I see from where he endured in life with only a small field. He often playfully in other word he asking food while the neighbor condition almost same with him. Village people in difficulty still can do sharing.

Although still losing but still remain to plant tobacco because “what kind else can be planted because no water!”

The dry season here is very long and getting longer due to climate changes, last year from March 2015 to January 2015-2016 (almost a year). They usually begin planting tobacco from March and harvest period will end in September. The harvest takes around 1 month because piece by piece of leaf plucked from the bottom (old leaves) until the stem balding. The stem is left to dry to be used as firewood. When the rods begin revoked approximately January-February is once a sign the beginning of the season for planting corn, potatoes or cabbage. Imagine how difficult their life having to lay the tobacco cycle is very long but the results are not supportive, unproductive period for 3-4 months after the harvest time and the price of cabbage that makes us snarled. Not all farmers are able to cultivate potatoes or more valuable commodities because the cost of production is more expensive. Debt is outstanding then any cabbage made like coke. “How can plant others no capital.”

However, there are five villages in below area still enough water also planted tobacco even though sometimes have bear to turn off the waterways so the neighbors don’t want to plant tobacco gave up and finally tobacco was planted also.

Drought or heavy rain is the same misery for farmers but otherwise has always been a massive profitable event for particular parties. Since the longest period is tobacco then tobacco became the hot topic. The differentiation price of tobacco in the production-distribution level is very very outrageous at all, could reach up to 100% with several ‘tricks’. I was so angry when deepen their issue and condemn it! Anyone who takes advantage with a vicious practice,duping and creating fears is not human but like as Dracula.

Commodity tobacco looks like deliberately be made gambling with creating a dark distribution network so that it can play a lot of hands. They live from the blood and no longer not from sweat of small communities suffering. They will get deadlock one day. It’s only timing.

For farmers, it’s like destiny that cannot be changed, if eating the mother is dead if not eating the father is dead—that’s the destiny of farmers in generally and tobacco smoke in addition to repellent cold also to repellent sorrow for farmers in Sindoro Sumbing.

The story of the most torturing, occurred at night 1 Syuro (Javanese calendar), about 2 years ago. Around 10-15 men in the room. We’re talking to the preparation of the declaration. The room of 2×3 meters with no ventilation in the short time filled with smoke. While the floor is covered with velvet carpet to withstand cold made the smoke absorbed perfectly. It is still be able to dilemma when I want to seriously support to tobacco farmers.

I’m not a smoker, never smoked and anti smoking but now I got the point why I have a great understanding to addressing this situation, if not ho could be I’ve been so far. While in Jakarta, smelled a bit smoke including from cigarette it feels can make me fainting but the cool Sindoro Sumbing has paid full for me, at all!

Before you can feel the life of mud, it’s difficult to understand the struggles of small communities like getting to the level received smoke without hooking the dangers of nicotine or related aspects of difficulty from political and non political side. Tobacco growers, orange farmers, spices and the farmers who still rely on a lot of natural kindness they are the victims in injustice system for me.

This paper without the intention of issues in tobacco, no blaming certain parties or even acting a propaganda tobacco actually. I’m absolutely not positioning myself there and liberate myself nor YPG of all interests. Our capacity is not related to any commodity but related with our mother father, Mt. Sindoro Sumbing, because many times I have to say that to support nature is not enough just planting tree! In fact, without any human as well the trees growing on its own, right? So what we are planting is still limited to pay the difference over what has been tampered by human.

Development Plan Sobobanyu, an irrigation system which as planned is our contemplation together and invited all parties involved with a single purpose. Like I deliberately invite one of the cigarette companies take part seriously though Sobobanyu could be a threat to the cigarette industry in the long term. With the availability of water, farmers have options and choices give price bargaining positions and options commodities. I describe this case with open heart to that cigarette companies that there is potency to hit their business but in my observation they have enough to understand we have the same concerns for the Earth.

Sobobanyu would be built is the most elegant solution to solve the thorny problem of farmers in Sindoro Sumbing. Our struggle is to give a hope in helplessness of farmers tobacco in Sindoro Sumbing. For the party that creates an injustice that helplessness was created should be made ashamed with the human intelligence that has brought man to the Planet Mars. How do we talk Star Wars if still looking for coins on the street or still hobby sucking blood whereas the human metabolism system is not bestiality?

Knowing the difficulty of farmers but could not arise a power heart because the fate of farmers still reside in the top-level as object. Be used as the object by media still made an object by the painter. Once in the hands of the curator even more not good because their fate will be displayed everywhere, at last, the most horrible it will be hung eternal in the museum. Read also Sobobanyu Development of The Soul: The Power Heart.

Who cares with farmers? I do care. I told Nurul, it very challenged to reverse the situation of farmers Sindoro Sumbing. Making them the king of their land is the fair ideals to anyone who’s been grabbing the key points in the life.

The fate of farmers are always at the point of horn is a permanence of the inability from the shared community that is allowed to happen. Countries and relations of production-distribution is the community that most responsible for the creation of the deterioration of peasant and which is still the audience and gives the rank on this post is certainly greatly appreciated but it will not help farmers Sindoro Sumbing. Taking engagement immediately.

Do still want to ask fertilizer? Quezz! You will only disassemble their old pains, do not ask it if you come without the constructive purpose.

For farmers in Bantul check it out with the legend “The Melon Empress” however if in the Sindoro, must be somewhat wild question e.g. ask continuation story “The beetle enters the wrong room and then slaughtered by the bedbugs”.

They need the hope that can be realized instead empty! The passion of siding small farming would make the teeth that not have chance a braces would be laughing free until the end of earth.

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This is 6th Sobobanyu Article with long title “Braces: Sobobanyu Development of The Soul”.



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