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Not Hubby Burglar


His-life-was-empty-he-said. It-was-said after I listened to his problem that he and his wife have no sex for six-months more. His wife has rejected him. His wife’s libido like ‘anesthetized’ he said with full conviction. When I asked what kind turbulence happened in his marriage but he said a cause of 15 years getting married; finally, he said their marriage was fine.

I found drastic changing in himself when we met a friend’s event in the night. This was our second meeting. Suddenly his hand so easy to touch my nose when I focused in front; he wanted to show how he cared of me about the cough that I got almost 5 months. Just 3 weeks he only can hold cough then need the injection, he wondered how I can go within 5 months! But when I said my lung was safe he was calm then.

Suddenly he used five fingers to grabbed my right thigh to size my body was so skinny he said. I wasn’t uncomfortable actually if somebody touched my body, but it was ok because he was a close friend for me, I thought so I didn’t need to show my inconvenience hardly.

Besides that case, I was still in consideration of his invitation. His chat requested meeting like a ghost came and made me thinking what was happened. Before meeting I was thinking to accept or reject his invitation. Asking to meet by him was not an issue actually because I was, I had asked to meet frequently before because I want to talk about someone and digging information from him. He was much related to somebody I was looking for. Talks in a hotel; that’s the point in my mind. We met finally!

Strangely I accepted his invitation to talk in the hotel where he was staying. So, we went to the hotel after finished the event at that friend. I tried to offer just talking in the lobby when to leave, he didn’t answer yes or no, but I assumed we’d chat in the lobby. After arriving at the hotel, I just followed him to the lift. I thought he’d take me to a restaurant or in a chat room upstairs.

Apparently, he took me to his room. I was forced to enter and a little worried. However our relationship is close because we can chat anything, but he kept getting a warning from me not to do ‘weird deed’ and don’t touch me if he agrees then I’ll stay in his room.

My feeling was safe, as soon as I sit in the chair he gave a pillow finally and asked my feet to lean on the bed. OK, I’ve been obedient in this matter and accepted it. I began to relax too then we start to tell each other.

After that, he laid down his body on the bed, sometimes standing sometimes sitting or drinking. I felt a gesture of his body was restless and not calm. He started telling ‘screw story’. I came with looking for information but finally had to relent to him; that he needed more than me. In fact, he needed help and indeed I was the right person to help him.

Starting he said his life was that empty! While in talking he tried to seduce me by asking me to sleep on the bed. It was getting late at night, the clock on my cellphone showed close to 11 PM, he was still trying to make me stay with the Merapi view promotion which he always tried to sell to me. He demonstrated sitting cross-legged on the bed of contemplation to Mount Merapi. I didn’t see anything behind the window even though so many unstopped lights of the cars filled along the Road Kaliurang towards the peak of Merapi. The mountain that was attached in me had been made a bribe to tease me.

I began to pity him because I was not interested in his seduction at all. After seeing he pulling my bag and stuffing it under his pillow like a child when I told him to go home I was even sadder to see him. He was very lonely.

I suggested buying a harlot anyway but he was disgusted he said. Finally, he said like me since first sight and I was scolding him soon. I had heard so many empty sweet talks from the lonely men, I was already very bored! Stop it I said.

Block that misguided thinking and don’t believe it! The problem of life was in the mind first I said.

He thought he was in the second puberty he said. Well! Finally, he realized it also. It was my turn to come in! I said hello I’m Giharu, a good person, I was a widow but not a careless widow. If I was out of my goal I’d suffer a lot. I can’t act like a hubby burglar. It was a bad image for me. My values did not correlate in the least with the offer of men. I was an independent widow you know! So it was not a matter of only offering me cheese or chocolate cookies to asking me to sleep with him while there are lining up people wants to give me car and luxury house. Please didn’t underestimate me and dint’ spread your problems to me!

I’ve met various kinds of men I said; so many types of men who didn’t want to buy whore but wants to sleep with a good person woman with knee capital. From the men who didn’t have self-regards until the men who were proud if they can nurture the women only 1 in 10 men did not return to the family because he was unlucky meeting a true hubby burglar! Be careful, I said that of the 10 hubby burglars in 1 man forcing to be married with anyway; the surreptitious way was the fastest.

Women who have slept with somebody’s husbands need financial security and recognition while men who sleeping with hubby burglar or woman need sex. Sex and money are two sides that tightly tie and ensnare each other. So don’t be surprised why the men can ‘bloom’ and his sex fantasy going be more wild after they’ve money. The hubby burglar using all means to seize the money of the men. Money and sex spiced with love would increasingly manipulate human depraved behavior.

No matter how hard I try, I’ve even done it want to be a bad person but my ‘nature’ was innocent was the conclusion. I said, “I couldn’t and I didn’t want to be part of the chaotic world, could you?

Sex pleasure was only for a moment, at least 30 minutes after that it’d return to the real world. Sex was needed by the human but it wouldn’t make people crumble if no have.

Finally, he whined for a hug. What did he get; a hug from me? A small scolding landed for him was yes! I scolded him again in joking that after realizing he’d worship me and begging for forgiveness for disrespectfully speaking to Giharu; he just laughed in sleepy when listening to my said.

“I couldn’t imagine if you go with a woman not Giharu, your family in crush!”

“Yeah, didn’t tell the wife,” he said.

“Yay, not you but a hubby burglar would break,” I said making him be quiet.

When I was at home my son asked me why I so long, I said Mama met a friend who has a problem and he wanted to chat. That life!



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