Post Prayer17

A Political Prayer


Just-saying I’ve been-dispirited because willing a death! Being sure a horrible death I wish can be happened! I place that death to somebody named Prabowo. His death is my political prayer to close 2017. What is you political prayer for Indonesia?

To the pile of Prabowo’s groups don’t get grinning first yeah. All of you was in death list at people’s prayer. Saying with a whoop “Se gracias a Dios” if some of them gave a death at the end of this year. Ganar para las personas! Win for the people!

Any various methods and scheme of approaching done. Any warnings and inputs given by elders figures in this country like fair play don’t be loser! The great men also sent many satires as “being manly like horse” but they seems like radical species you know.

Pray for Indonesia better is automatically done by us. I can catch the saint wave there is unstop sending every time. Contents of prayer fill speechless words for instance: “God if can please take out these thorns” is meant “God please turn off live of trouble makers”.

A few years ago my friend got unstop stress caused his husband had over libido. If she can not handle all may be would crash herself at running train. His husband had many affairs at close and far but the closet at his eyes that must watched at every night. She prayed day by day in order God taking his sorrow. His prayer come true! Two years ago his husband died suddenly. When I visited her I made a joke how many of death prayers for him you did, my friend just smile. After mourning was over I went to his house again and joke her again did you can cry at funeral? She was big laughing like lately crying. Now she lives really very happy. The thousand of spines had been revoked from her.

So many stories telling us by the peoples who were being free from suffering time because the source of troubles were game over. They said these were of the strength of a prayer. Their life became a future and very easily.

Its exactly like our prayer in terms Prabowo and the genk getting easy way to return afterlife. For the sake altogether kindness! Firstly to avoid wrong identification about four legs mortal at their soul and secondly Indonesia needs finale solution soon. A death of them is a certainty to give way out because the problem at them: this is the most honest prayer for live that we still want to continue for the kind purposes.

If they died so many problems will end indirectly in this country. The prayers for enemy death is the latest hope at a struggle had reached the melting point.

The people had been at the climax of boring caused so dirty playing of them! Advent of referee is awaiting to stop game if also government was not capable to handle it. I can not imagine the machine of hoax likes PCC pill keep be produced. The wickedness of them is very unbelievable. They make us like disabled. The drugs crime get a death execution so why we no have dare to push hoax spreading get the same punishment?

The disqualification will be prime death only but they must be stopped soonest! Who is referee has power to do it beside God?

Their death is most optimistic hope we still can have it if the chest full of hopeless. Keep hoping for forward Indonesia!

Happy Political Year 2018-2019. Fight at fully!



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