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Two Families


Religion was the place to release of disorder personality in two families because the husbands were unemployed. One family was Islamic family other was Christian. Religion may be different, but no one is safe in the problem. The problem begins when each husband lost his job, but one husband became weird in religion. Fortunately, each wife still works, but one wife was like mad in religion. After each husband tried and tried in business failed, somehow after went to the first year more suddenly the two families were more reactive in religion.

You know being reactive is different be active right? Reactive is considered excessive action. In any case, being excessive it’s not good. The measure of goodness is “time”, not “quantity”. Time correlates with quality if we believe grows and dies law where the quantity is related to make process be the dwarf. You eat 50 kilos of apples, I think it’s hard to bring a problem if you eat one piece per day and certainly your body isn’t allergic to apples. Driving at speeds above 250 km/h will save the lives of people who are getting a heart attack except they were bored with life. All will be good in sufficient condition.

Likewise when we deepening the dimension of God’s spirituality. In religion, faith needs to grow slowly. Faith will not grow perfectly by being forced. Often the instant process due to stressful conditions or dead ends in life making people interpret God brutally. Looking for God will not be better than searching for the ‘black world’ if we are not ready to receive the holiest.

This means that someone after receiving the Holy One will be more calm, active and not reactive. If this process goes on with sufficient rhythm in a very long time possible to whiten his hair and flatten his bones he might become a Sufi; this is the process of the healthy journey of spirituality human being to return to his creator.

However, when looking for God to become a place to fight for a heaven plot to become the starting point in religious communities problems.

Short story, one day the husband of a Christian family forbade his wife a collection of dolls even though one of the dolls was given him during courtship. The husband was increasingly messed and threw away all the dolls, statues, and objects that he suspected the devil was riding there. In a time of disorganized, the husband sought ‘handle’ over his religion. His wife not yet wants to embrace Christianity, she was a Buddhist and certainly, she is more antipathic towards Christianity. Spiritual experiences were blasting in to bring him as the most right person moreover he so believed what his deeds were God’s will. So he is very easy to make dolls and statues as the source of problems ‘devil’ that he cannot overcome.

His wife is my old friend. When she told me I poked in my heart about the table and chair were slammed down too? What about plates, mattresses and all stuff at home? If he destroys all goods, there is nothing anymore he can break, it means he will find himself is a demon at last!

The story of a Muslim family is reversed. His wife was more reactive because her income is smaller than my friend, plus with no income from her husband so it may be stressed faster. Newborns were banned from vaccines. She began using abaya dress, the ultra size likes Arabic women’s clothing. Anything she opposed in the name of religion. It sounds she anti-KB too (KB is a government program to control population). So in that chaotic period, about three years went on she got pregnant three times. Damn! So this is what makes her husband unemployed I thought. His wife was reactive in religion to relieve stress, but how produce children continue in the end? Did not their burden of life getting heavier? I knew they have children 6 peoples in total at last, it’s more who knows because I didn’t follow their story anymore.

It’s really so funny, who is reactive in religion depends on who is most stressed in life and this does not correlate to seeking God at all. I suspect that terrorist embryos start from the processes of seeking God in a severe stress phase in one’s life.

Somehow being reactive in religion issue of my friend’s husband subsided alone together with the stormy siege of his husband’s spiritual disorientation calmed, but the wife of Islam family was a little complicated because I heard she started to deal with hard-flow organizations. But one thing we can still be grateful for she stills has a husband. How if she was a widow, I could not imagine if she was targeted by like the poor party of achievement, she would be wilder than the Neno Kemisan or the Ratna Kepepet.

Anything easily can happen to stressed people.



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